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Does anybody know of any Miami architects or residential designers whose style is similar to that of MDGI in Houston, and feels comfortable designing ICF single-family homes with budgeted hard costs in the neighborhood of $100-125/sf (actual hard costs a general contractor or owner-builder would pay, not what the home itself would eventually be worth or sell for...)?

Examples of things I like:

I'm actually considering MDGI itself, but I suspect that between Dade County building codes, the byzantine mess known as Miami 21, and knowing just how much glass you can get away with before you've defeated the whole purpose of building with ICF and having a reinforced concrete roof, I'd probably regret hiring anyone who's not local. On the OTHER hand, just about every builder I know of who's even aware that you can build a concrete roof that isn't flat is from Houston... so I might actually have better luck with someone from there.

Speaking of the roof... here's an illustration of how Dade County roofs SHOULD be made (it's a single-family home with reinforced-concrete hip roof under construction in Hawaii. Check out the full gallery for more...

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