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Miami Arena

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Hello All,

I was curious about the Miami Arena and it's future. Does it have one?

In a lot of other major cities, older, unused sports facilities get demolished. However, wouldn't it be good to keep them around for the truly homeless victims of catastrophe or fraud or government seizures, etc.

For example, when the King Dome in Seattle was detonated, I was thinking to myself, there goes an otherwise stable structure with a roof, no doubt, that can still be used for a good purpose. The King Dome of course, was a giant indoor football stadium.

Moreover, I also realize that some of these places are not safe, and would probably require more money to renovate then to simply demolish. IN this case though, I simply cannot understand the need to create a plume of smoke across the city, filling the air with megatons of concrete dust, simply because the Seahawks need another place to play football. Obviously a demolition of that size cost a lot of money in itself.

What do you think?

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It was sold to a private owner about a year ago I believe.
In the long run it'll probably wind up demolished. Pretty valuable space it occupies.

In the short term, I guess it'll continue to be used sporadically for 2nd or 3rd tier events.
I'm praying that "private owner" is the invisible all powerful hand of MLB!!!
Can that lot fit a baseball stadium though? With parking?

they are probably going to use it for some Concerts or something like that
On August 2008, the owners announced that the Miami arena's interoir had been cleared and it will probably wind up demolished in its early 20s.
They are only imploding the roof on Sunday. I don't think the exterior walls are coming down the same day.
Demolition crews are preparing to "bring down the house" Sunday morning. Dynamite will line the roof of the arena for an implosion just before 8 a.m. The plans are that the roof will pull the walls in.

The demolition will affect drivers. Streets around the arena will be closed off to traffic. The streets affected are North Miami Avenue just north of 8th Street and the corner of Northwest 1st Avenue and Northwest 8th Street. Parts of 6th and 7th Streets will also be closed off. Those closures will begin at 7:45 a.m. Sunday.

CBS4 News will have a chopper and crews on the ground at the implosion. You'll be able to watch it live from all angles by visiting Sunday morning.
That makes more sense. Channel 10 didn't put it like that this morning.
I missed the Sheraton going down, I'm gonna try to go watch this one.:banana:
Before 8 AM? Dang that's early for a Sunday. I guess I'll just watch it on tv before the Dolphins game. Any predictions on tomorrow's score?
Before 8 AM? Dang that's early for a Sunday. I guess I'll just watch it on tv before the Dolphins game. Any predictions on tomorrow's score?
Miami 1, Arena 0?
^^^^Yes. Dolphins less than the other team.:lol::lol:

Ah, hell.

Another one bites the dust.
Everyone:), My friendly family friends of MIAMI:banana:
The Miami Arena is Gone:bash:,
well almost gone.,
the outside walls didn't come down as the implosion happpen this morning., and left it half done.,,. LOL.:nuts:
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This spells the end...

These are definitely the Arena's final days (shot today, 9/30 from MarinaBlue)

And its replacement as seen from the 50th floor of MB.
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I always thought it should be an open-air facility :cheers:
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Nice pictures. I read a Miami Today article about the demolition where Straub states he's interested in the site becoming a movie studio.
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