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Shorter tower will be part of Phase I.

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Downtown Miami’s Mishorim Towers is planned to include hundreds of condos for sale as part of a two-phase project.

Representatives of the Israeli developer told The Next Miami today that the 800 residential units planned in the two towers will be sold as condos to private buyers.

The project’s two phases will include one tower at 63 stories (701 feet) and another at 55 stories (597 feet).

There is no firm timeline for construction yet. The shorter North Tower with only residential units will be the phase that is constructed first, however.

A hotel flag is also now in negotiation for the second phase tower. It will include 120 hotel rooms.

Across from the first phase North Tower is a Yotelpad tower with hotel and condos, with construction already underway by another developer.

Total area between both Mishorim Towers phases will be 1,006,004 square feet of floor area, with 7,110 square feet of commercial space and 264 parking spaces along with the residential and hotel area. Kobi Karp is the architect.

Mishorim purchased the property in October 2018 for $18,250,000.

In the meantime, the developer is taking steps to enhance the existing parking garage on site, with the largest mural in downtown Miami recently painted on the facade.

Lead by Biinary Projects, Artists Golden, Don Rimx, Slowmow and Kief, led by Andrew Antonaccio “2alas” collaborated to create the mural.

The mural depicts large scale geometric shapes. The developer says it helps enhance visibility of the landscape and promotes an invigorating environment for drivers and pedestrians. Eco Friendly Car Wash, which doesn’t use running water, has also been brought in as one of the guest amenities.
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