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Miami / Florida


I started this thread over a year ago. Much happened last year and this year, so it's time for a major update. A lot of projects are finished already as you can see in QuantumX's great updates. I will add a complete list of recently completed projects in Miami. Ofcourse there is coming a new list of Construction in Miami, and I'll add some interesting proposals.

Information about Miami

Population: 425.000
Metro: 5.400.000
Tallest tower: Four Seasons Hotel and Tower, 240m.

Main Construction Area's

- Miami Brickell
- Miami North Bay Village
- Miami Downtown
- Miami Sunny Isles Beach
- Miami South [Beach]
- Miami North
- Miami Coral Gables
- Miami Coconut Grove { Miami Midtown }
- Miami Biscayne Bay

Height Ristriction Map

Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

Courtesy of QuantumX


Highrise List

Miami's 10 tallest as of now:

- Met 3 | 252m | 74fl | Under Construction
- Four Seasons | 240m | 64fl | Completed (2003)
- Wachovia Financial Center | 233m | 55fl | Completed (1984)
- The Capital At Brickell | 230m | 52fl | Under Construction
- 900 Biscayne Bay | 217m | 65fl | Completed (2008)
- Marquis | 207m | 63fl | Completed (2008)
- The Capital At Brickell Phase 2 | 198m | 56fl | Under Construction
- Met 2 | 197m | 46fl | Under Construction
- Mint at Riverfront | 192m | 55fl | Completed (2009)
- Infinity at Brickell | 192m | 52fl | Completed (2008)

For more towers/lists and stats go here.


Under Construction

Met 3 | Metropolitan Financial Center Miami

Height: 252m
Floors: 74

Met 3 will be the tallest building Miami adding its unique signature to the spledind sklyline. At 74 stories high, this architectual wonder will enjoy 360 degree views of the enire Miami Metro area. It is with great pleasure that we announce the presales for Met 3.

Metropolitan Miami is redefining downtown. The heart of any great city is its downtown area, and Metropolitan Miami is redefining downtown. Metropolitan Miami is the nucleus of a tropical lifestyle where local meets international, all with an edgy, urban vibe. It's a place where an interesting, diverse crowd of people will assemble for entertainment, dining, the arts, culture, shopping, sports, socializing or just haning out.

A unique opportunity is available now to register for the first release of units and prices. 88 tower units are released for our presale.

Interest in the entire Metropolitan Miami project has been extremely high. Met 1 is now just over 90% sold out and construction is underway. Met 3 will house Whole Foods as the retail anchor at the ground level of the building with a 45,000 sq. ft. store.

Metropolitan Miami is flanked on the south side by the future site of the Dupont Towers, and the Miami River and on the east side by One Miami and Biscayne and the rest of Miami's great neighborhoods are only moments away and with an ample road system that leads everywhere.



Capital At Brickell

Height: 230m ( Phase1 ) 198m ( Phase2 )
Floors: 56 and 52

Capital At Brickell contents 2 towers. The North tower (198m) and the South tower (230m). A lot of information can be found on their official website, including breaking ground. The construction is scheduled to be finished in 2010.

This Fullerton-Diaz designed project from Cabi Developers features two towers which are quite reminiscient of the Empire State Building in Manhattan! Capital at Brickell is situated at the southern end of the Brickell Financial district overlooking Biscayne Bay and Simpson Park and is a mixed use project with office, retail and residential condos and lofts.



Met 2

Height: 197m
Floors: 47

MDM Development Group has joined forces with another giant in the industry, Metlife, to develop Met 2.

Met 2 will feature:

- 700.000 square feet of Class A office space in a 47 story tower
- A 42 story Marquis tower -- JW Mariott Hotel with 376 guestrooms

The towers will rise from a 14 story podium which contains 18.000 square feet of column-free ballroom and meeting space, ground level retail shops, a restaurant and lounge, and a 1500 space parking garage.



1450 Brickell

Height: 165m
Floors: 35

1450 Brickell, is an all-office skyscraper under construction in Miami, Florida. When complete, it will be 540 feet (165 m) tall with 40 floors. It is adjacent to One Broadway in Downtown Miami's southern Brickell Financial District. The building is located on the corner of Brickell Avenue and Broadway. The building is expected to be complete sometime in 2009. The architect is Nichols, Brosch, Wurst, Wolfe & Associates, Inc. The building contains more than 580,000 square feet of office space. The project is one of several new office buildings to open in Downtown Miami.



Recently Completed

900 Biscayne Bay

Height: 217m
Floors: 65
Completion: Q2 2008


Completion Pics



Height: 207m
Floors: 67
Completion: Q1 2009


Completion Pics


Mint At Riverfront

Height: 192m
Floors: 55
Completion: Q1 2009


Completion Pics


Paramount Bay

Height: 149m
Floors: ?
Completion: 2009


Completion Pics


Icon Brickell

Height: 179m x 2 & 142m
Floors: 58 x 2 and 46
Completion: 2008


Completion Pics



Coming soon...

Sources & Websites

Almost all construction/completion pics are in courtesy of QuantumX.
Go here to visit his amazing urban showcase thread about Miami.




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you are missing
Met 3&2
Brickell financial centre I&II
park place II
^^yeah, it is very stunning. unfortunately, miami is going through a situation where they have too many condos....
great projects
Need some help here with the projects.. I think there are some new projects launched :) QuantumX will help with the updates :)
Ritz Carlton Miami

Building Summary

South Beach
Architect: Revuelta, Vega,Leon
Views: Oceanfront
Completion Date: 2010, Summer
Bedrooms: 1, 2 & 3
Residence Size: 950-2000
Total Residences: 90
Number of Stories: 15,17,21
Price Range: $1,000,000 - $16,000,000

Ritz-Carlton Residences Condos - South Beach Oceanfront Condos
The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton are set at the site of the former SEVILLE HOTEL in South Beach, and will be made up of three towers:

Tower 1 - A complete restoration of the legendary SEVILLE, a stunning example of MiMo architecture. 15 stories - The first four floors are Ritz-Carlton Club fractionals. The 5th floor and higher are condo apartments

Tower 2 - A new 17-story All glass North tower with just three units per floor, or all units combinable into one residence

Tower 3 - A new cylindrical 21-story South tower. Each residence is a half-sphere with approximately 2000 sf of living space. Any two units may be combined to create a complete spherical living space (4000sf).

Full, luxurious apartment condos - not a hotel!


- Oceanfront location
- Dedicated elevators
- Spa with multiple treatment rooms including one for couples
- Steam and sauna for men and women
- State-of-the-art fitness center
- Signature five star restaurant
- Infinity-edged heated pools
- 16 furnished cabanas


Miami needs some more attention! :)
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^^yeah, it is very stunning. unfortunately, miami is going through a situation where they have too many condos....

Are you serious? Stunning?
Miami is a plastic shithole.
I'm sorry.And yes,i've been there.
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Need some help here with the projects.. I think there are some new projects launched :) QuantumX will help with the updates :)
I can update projects with recent pictures, but there are not many new projects being launched these days.
^^yeah, it is very stunning. unfortunately, miami is going through a situation where they have too many condos....

And that is why we are here!
Are you serious? Stunning?
Miami is a plastic shithole.
I'm sorry.And yes,i've been there.
A plastic shithole? :stupid:
Are you serious? Stunning?
Miami is a plastic shithole.
I'm sorry.And yes,i've been there.
But the city is changing, and I choose to stay and be part of a positive change rather than running somewhere else and dealing with a different set of problems instead of the ones I'm familiar with here in Miami.
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Although I'm amazed at some of these designs, particularly the one I saw marked as "APPROVED" I keep dreading a repeat of the 1755 tsunami.
Miami Restriction Map

^^Meaning height restriction map.
This map shows where in Downtown Miami and in Midtown Miami very tall buildings can be built. We can also use it as a reference for pointing out where certain projects are located in the city in relation to each other. For instance, Brickell Avenue begins south of the Miami River and everything with Brickell in the project name will be in this location. Brickell Avenue is Miami's wall street and thus it is called the Brickell Financial District.

Immediately north of the Miami River and extending just beyond the MacArthur Causeway (I-395 or 441) is our Central Business District (CBD). The MacArthur Causeway connects Downtown Miami to South Beach with the four giant condos in a row along Biscayne Blvd that we now refer to as the Biscayne Wall being immediately south of the MacArthur Causeway. The drive from South Beach into Downtown Miami has become very dramatic as you now drive through a skyscraper canyon.
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^^ These shots of Icon Brickell also include some shots of Epic because they are directly across the Miami River from each other.
The Marquis (northern most tower in the Biscayne Wall)

The Marquis is actually at 1100 Biscayne Blvd and the MacArthur Causeway. It is listed at 679 feet tall, but some sources say the building actually reached 700 feet. Approaching it from South Beach on the MacArthur Causeway is very dramatic.

Paramount Park at 756 feet tall is planned for 700 Biscayne Blvd by the same developers of Paramount Bay at Edegwater Square. Plans are to start Paramount Park as soon as Paramount Bay is finished.

From behind with Ten Museum Park on the right.
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Paramount Bay at Edgewater Square

Emporis lists this building at 496 feet while the World Almanac and the Miami Herald lists it at 562 feet (building number 66 in this Miami Herald interactive diagram below). I believe 562 feet is probably the actual height of the building and is the farther north that the Miami skyline current extends with buildings over 500 feet tall.

Paramount Bay from Marina Blue
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