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Please vote for your favourite proposal!

  • sempe3

    Votes: 15 41.7%
  • marseille13

    Votes: 8 22.2%
  • ressy14

    Votes: 4 11.1%
  • Ryan McConnell

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Karol Slusarski

    Votes: 9 25.0%
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Wow. Well impressed with the standard. Some of these, seriously, are professional standard without a doubt; I wish I could render and present like this!

Sempe3, looks outstanding. For me the stadium isn't the best, it seems quite exposed and your solution for the entrances to the stand dosent look great, plus im not sure if itd be possible to support a roof by 4 cables let alone move it, but the idea as a concept is fantastic and your presentation is the best here.

Marseille, without a doubt your best work. Again I don't think the bowl itself is the best, I would have kept all the VIP facilities on one side, and there are a few other details like the tunnel/dugout that I don't like and would have done differently, but overall it is brilliant and the roof and exterior are incredible (Slides 3 and 4).

Ressy, my first thought was Centurylink Field. I sort of feel like you (all) were very limited as to what you could do with that capacity so most of your bowls are very similar to each other but your main stand is really good in my opinion.

Ryan McConnell, I haven't seen any of your work before so its hard to judge, you could really improve if you knew how to render well like these other guys. The stadium looks fine, itd be nice to see an external shot to see it fully, but I think its mainly the presentation that lets you down, not so much the stadium. Liverpudlian you'll need to sort out the coding as the last picture of his presentation didn't show.

Karol Slusarski, again ive never seen your work before so its hard to comment. I like the two tiered design with those corners and the renders are good but the scale doesn't look right imo- it looks like a toy rather than an accurate model, im not sure yours meets the same standards as the others. For example your entrances and walls seem way too high. I like the external detail though; Still a very good effort.

And which renderer were you all using? All of these seem to be such high quality, i'm lagging behind again :lol:

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Engineers have nightmares about roofs like Sempe's. Well done.

While they are all good, there is one design that stands out to me. I vote for Karol Slusarski. While you could have done with some better textures (your exterior grass texture, for example, is very harsh), the design did a good job of fitting into its surroundings. Sempe did a good job here too.

Just remember - you're all building in an urban area. The views of the skyscrapers and that will be prominent - emphasise that in the render. Even get a streetview shot of the area, then make that the background. Shouldn't take more than two minutes - but it really adds something. Ryan McConnell, your roof is very good - and if I am correct it rises up and opens so that fans can see the skyscrapers (probably not the intention). Those renders would be a lot stronger with the background.

Overall though, very good work.

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Great job everyone! I knew mine would get blown away because i didn't do any renders. I had a grand vision that i just couldn't fit into my real life.
The idea was to make the stadium and extension of the island as a pier or something similar. Something where boats could actually dock at the stadium and head in as well have land access from the other side.
As for the roof, pompeyfan, i did take into account the skyline on the mainland. My main stand would offer a view of downtown right over the scoreboard and roofing across the field.
This was an image i was hoping to show in my presentation, unfortunately, not everything appeared correctly when i exported my google earth file. In fact, my whole front facade is missing (if anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know!)

Congrats again to everyone else, truly unique designs beautifully done!

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First of all, all these are brilliant Entries. They all offer a unique Design and a Comfortable Stadium. I will now give my fair opinion on all 5 Entries:

Sempe3 - Your Design is excellent. The hanging/moveable Roof is so unique and if it was implemented, it would be an Excellent piece of Engineering.

Marseille13 - I love the shape of the bowl and roof. I'm not a Fan of the Facade choice if I'm honest. But overall, a Good Design and a Unique Design.

Ressy14 - Again, nice Design. I wouldn't say it's Unique, as stated before by @Leeds, it looks similar to Centurylink Field and looks similar to the Investors Group Field. Love the Roof though, just it isn't Unique.

Ryan McConnell - Nice Design. One of your Stands looks similar to the Stands in the AMEX Stadium IMO. Love the layout though, love the uniqueness in general.

Karol Slusarski - Love the Shape and the gaps in the Corners. Very Unique Design.

Decision Time - All have Great, mostly Unique Designs. But as always, you can only Vote for One. My Vote, goes to ..................... Sempe3's Entry.

If I were to give Rankings (They are all Good in their own way):

1) Sempe3's Entry.
2) Karol Slusarski's Entry.
3) Marseille13's Entry.
4) Ryan McConnell's Entry.
5) Ressy14's Entry.

All Good Designs!

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Thanks everyone who voted for my design! :)

To be honest I thought there will be much more entries to this competition. I thought Leedsrule, Liverpudlian82, masterpaul, Djolmasti and much more of you would join so the competition would be more exciting :)

But nonetheless it was fun to join competition for the first time.
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