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Along Highway 35 on the east side of Michigan City

The coal-fired NIPSCO (Northern Indiana Public Service Co.) power plant and its cooling tower dominate the Michigan City skyline.

22-story hotel under construction at the Blue Chip Casino.

Washington Memorial Bridge leads to Washington Park.

The 1858 Lighthouse once stood nearer the lakeshore. The museum displays artifacts from Michigan City's history, including its hey-day as a port for the elegant passenger steamers that once plied the Great Lakes.

Civil War Monument

There were numerous fire trucks in and out of the park while I was there.

The zoo looks very well kept and was quite busy with families with children while I was there. Its layout running up the side of a dune gives some wonderful views from the top.

Regal pose


Reindeer aren't very pretty, this time of year.

Ostrich with a head at each end.

People often compare zebras with horses. To me, they more closely resemble donkeys.

After a couple of long days on my feet, I wasn't up to climbing the observation tower. It looks like a must-do for another visit, though. The tower was built as a Works Progress Administration project in the 1930s.

This lamppost isn't very old, but blowing sand has stripped the coating to bare metal on the windward side.

The beach area has benefited from substantial recent investment; the walk slabs were askew and the concrete bollards were badly eroded, and the catwalk to the 1904 East Pierhead Light was slated for demolition. Everything has been updated and renewed, and the old character-rich but run-down property is once again a safe, beautiful attraction.

Chicago Skyline


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Nice hotel they are building!
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