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A little walk around downtown and Old Town totally skipping the retail district, getting views east of downtown, getting any construction shots of all the housing going up to the east, and putting together some odds and ends of a rather uneventful walk...

SBC Switching Tower along the defunct North Washington Square Pedestrian Mall.

Non-Descript and painfully ordinary Ferris Park Towers Apartments with extraordinary views.

St. Mary's Cathedral high up on Ionia Street at Walnut Street. It was awfully busy at the church today.

An Ionia Street renovation in the north downtown Genesee Neighborhood full of historic homes. I can't believe the amount of small renovation projects like this happening in downtown, and the areas directly surrounding it to the north and west.

The suburban-like Michigan Supreme Court Building (Michigan Hall of Justice):

Lansing Towers Apartments (Ferris Park Towers Apartments a few blocks to the east)

A peek into the core

The unnattractive backside of the vacant downtown YMCA with rotting parking lot in south downtown. Hey, what is Michigan without some vacancy? As with most vacant buildings in Michigan "loft-style apartments" have been proposed, but it's been a few years now.

Some old houses in south downtown along the tiny Savoy Court. Most of downtown Lansing's housing is occupied by students, so almost all of the housing is rental.

Looking again over the rotting YMCA parking lot towards the core.

South Capitol Avenue at Ruetter Park and the downtown library

A block north...

Another block north...

A block west at Capitol View (the restaurant will open up sometime this month)

A block northwest at the Capitol Complex

Looking at Capitol View from the elevated Capitol Complex over Walnut Street.

Back up to St. Mary's. A view looking in.

Finally, starting north towards Lansing Community College, the Carnegie Libary on campus.

Looking south from Lansing Community College which takes up a few city blocks in north downtown.

The Abel B. Sykes Jr. Building at Lansing Community College

The newly completed Lansing Community College Health and Human Services Building. The college has been going through a building boom recently, both downtown at at it's new West Campus in suburban Delta Township linked to the main campus by a shuttle.

Off to Old Town

Emmanuel First Lutheran in a very intact Walnut/Old Forest Neighborhood in Old Town. There was a wedding going on on the front steps.

One example of nearly 500 unliveable houses in the City of Lansing along Willow Street in Old Town Lansing. Like many rustbelt cities Lansing's population has fallen to around 119,000 from it's peak of 131,000 in the 70's. Quite a fall, and it shows. Hopefully, the continued revitalization of the historic Old Town commercial district will spur some serious residential restorations.

Just down the street another well taken care of Old Town church: North Presbyterian.

Starting to make my way back east I go over the Grand River Avenue Bridge which is one of the main street of Old Town. This bridge needs to be completely rebuilt and landscaped to match the reviving neighborhood, don't you think?

Clark Hills Law Firm's awesome Race Street Mill renovation. These guys are based out of Detroit and are growing their Lansing arm in Old Town.

The alley in between Clark Hill and the storefronts abutting Grand River Avenue. They really did a good job.

The North Lansing Dam and Brenke Fish Ladder at the Race Street Mill looking south towards downtown.

Going back down the River Trail linking MSU with North Lansing you get the view of the dam and mill from the other way.

Oakland Avenue Bridge, northern border of downtown Lansing.

A closer look

A canoeing husband and wife taking advantage of the river and the warm, sunny day.

Beneath the Saginaw Street Bridge. Probably the most crammped part of the Lansing River Trail that is frequently flooded as you can guess.

Coming up from beneath the old rail bridge-turned-pedestrian bridge that links the two halves of riverfront park frames part of the skyline nicely.

The Ottawa Street Station with the Shiawassee Street Bridge in the foreground. It's chance at renovation will come in August when the citizens of Lansing decide if they want to sell it to a developer for renovation into office and retail space sense that is what the charter says.

Lastly, Mr. Raccoon (who lives under the old railbridge, and who I'm quite familiar with) says bye from the Lansing riverfront. :)

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The racoon looks like he wants to bite!
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