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This thread is for any modernist building from the mid '40s to the mid '70s! This includes functionalism, expressionism, googie, and other styles considered 'modern' in this time period.

Lake House, Issaquah, Washington, USA (1963)
Architect: Unknown

Nakoma Residence, Dallas, Texas (1951)
Architect: Howard R. Meyer

Have some fitting music while scrolling through this thread :D

My Pinterest containing buildings from this thread

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Thank you for making this thread! I love this style. I would sure like to see similar styling in nowadays like cars, home, skyscrapers, and furniture.

The Modernist
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God bless Saarinen and Niemeyer! They were the true master of MCM...

Oscar's Canoas house, in Rio de Janeiro (1953)

Cavanelas house, Pedro do Rio (RJ) 1954:

Leonel Miranda House, Rio de Janeiro 1953:

Bienal pavilion, Sao Paulo 1952-54

Hall of States (Ibirapuera), São Paulo 1952-54

Duchen Factory, Guarulhos 1950

And SO MANY unbuilt designs, which is available on facebook - Oscar Niemeyer Works

Burton Tremaine house, Montecito CA 1947

First proposal for Ibirapuera auditorium:

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