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Solow strikes again!

Situated at 708 First Avenue and 41st Street in Manhattan, the building offers approximately 1,350,000 SF as a state-of-the-art Life Sciences and Biotechnology Center. It will be a vibrant, amenity rich center for research, discovery and entrepreneurial innovation.
The building will include flexible wet and dry laboratory space as well as build to suit Class A offices.
Amenities, including dynamic conference centers, fitness facilities, restaurants and engaging common spaces, promote synergistic opportunities that encourage tenant interaction, collaboration and innovation.
The Center may also include a business accelerator or incubator program which will provide seed financing for early stage Life Sciences and Biotechnology companies.
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still in the works, along with other towers on the rest of this long-dormant plot of land.

A Real Estate Dynasty Passes the Torch

Mr. Soloviev said that the three residential buildings planned for the vacant site across from 685 First would also be condos, not rentals as originally conceived. The site’s master plan, created in part by Mr. Meier and approved a decade ago, also calls for a fourth building, an office tower, that will house biotech companies.
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