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Mike Storey versus Sir David Henshaw

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Today's DP carries front page report of the now public split between Mike & Dave and sensationally Dave has given Mike an ultimatum to quit his post by 5:00pm today or a dossier on Mike's confidential e-mails will be sent to the goverment watchdog, the District Auditor.

It seems that the relationship between the 2 men went sour last year with serious disagreements over Merseytram, worsened when the Lib-Dems refused the tax sweetener to Henshaws pension and now come to a head with the suspension of council communications officer Mr. Finnegan, who it seems was on Mikes side and this has really pissed Dave off. Finnegan's computer was siezed and so the confidential e-mails between him and Mike have been unearthed and are part of the dossier.

Dave told other senior Lib-Dems last Tuesday what he intended and later that day confronted Mike with the evidence.

It seems that Mike Storey is Liverpool's longest serving councillor with 30 years before the mast, but is now described by colleagues as being at an all time low.

Maybe someone will post a link to the full story later. What now?? Mike out by 5:00pm or can the empire strike back?? my gut feeling is to support Mike, Henshaw to me has always come across as a sniveling greedy bastard, and I have never forgiven him that he turned away the NIRAH project from central docks, the arsehole!!

On the other hand the dossier must be damning or Mike would've surely stuffed it back in Dave's face, can't wait for 5:00pm
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Storey out Sebo in? Personally I'd like to see Henshaw and Storey settle it bare knuckle, fight to the death like. Then kill the winner.

It'd be interesting to see what is in this file. Maybe Storey is slipping backhanders to trusted stooges? Henshaw is a greedy little ferret-like shit, and should remember that he is still a public servant.
On the mound at the old Stadium site at 5:00pm today!! I'm there on the front row!!

I am obviously completely ignorant of how these thing work but Mike is elected by the people and then elected by his party, which has the largest number of councillors, to be the council leader, sounds fairly democratic to me. Dave on the other hand goes for an interview and is selected for the job like any other employee, how can he give Mike an ultimatum?
Something stinks if you ask me. If there is something dodgy going on and Henshaw has uncovered it, then fine. Fair enough. Blackmail does seem to be ferret-features style though, doesn't it?
How Liverpool's top team fell apart May 23 2005

Daily Post

Chief Reporter Andy Kelly examines the break-up of the Storey/Henshaw team which once carried all before it

IT WAS, even by Liverpool's standards, a quite extraordinary night in the town hall. The date was Wednesday, March 16 this year and it effectively marked the final stage in the collapse of the relationship between Mike Storey and David Henshaw.

Liverpool were busy losing two points to Blackburn Rovers at Anfield that night, but the most dramatic contest in the city was playing out in Castle Street.

Earlier that day, Cllr Storey had chaired a special council committee to consider whether to offer Sir David a "sweetener" to keep him as Liverpool's chief executive beyond March, 2006.

The Daily Post had revealed four weeks earlier that Sir David would leave the council by that date to avoid new tax laws which would hit his lucrative pension fund.

It was widely expected a deal would be offered despite the by-now obvious personal animosity between the two men. It was felt maintaining continuity in the run-up to Capital of Culture year in 2008 was more important.

Just a few days earlier, at a major property conference, Cllr Storey had suggested to the Daily Post a deal was almost certain.

Sir David, 55, has always maintained he did not seek or ask for such a deal which would have cost the Merseyside local government pension scheme around £200,000. What seems almost certain is that he anticipated that some sort of deal would be made. But on arrival back in Liverpool, Cllr Storey found his backbench councillors widely opposed to any such deal.

As leader, Cllr Storey could have pushed it through but, emboldened by his backbench, he may have seen the opportunity to back the man who had become his nemesis into a corner.

No deal, he said, which meant Sir David would be leaving next March at the latest.

As news spread round the town hall, huddles of councillors gathered in corners to ponder the repercussions.

There was clear paranoia and unease around the building. Cllr Storey was happy to discuss the decision but would not do so within sight or sound of Sir David or any of those executives who remained loyal to him.

I was led through back stairs and various chambers of the town hall to reach an upstairs room where the leader of Liverpool council was finally prepared to discuss the decision in private.

He spoke of Sir David's "unique contribution" to the city's renaissance and said he still wanted him to stay, but understood he had to leave.

Sir David, meanwhile, telephoned the Daily Post offices and confirmed that his position was unchanged and that he would have no option but to resign rather than face the tax implications to his pension fund of staying on. The significance of the council decision was clear, as reported in the Daily Post next day: "The fact council leader Mike Storey did not use his huge support in the party to push the measure through is a clear sign his once formidable partnership with Sir David has entirely broken down.

"At best, he did not want to take on his backbenchers on the issue, at worst he probably agreed with their take on it."

For Sir David Henshaw, the situation was almost too much to bear. Not only was his career in Liverpool, and possibly in local government, coming to an end but - even worse - the public perception was that he had been out- manoeuvred by the man who was now his rival.

The humiliation was total. Sir David had been in London on business that afternoon so he had been informed of the decision on a crackly mobile phone line rather than in person, something even Cllr Storey regretted in private.

What happened that night was the culmination of a steep decline in the two men's relationship which could be traced back to summer, 2004.

There is no doubt Cllr Storey, effectively Sir David's employer, had become increasingly concerned about his leading executive's almost presidential leadership style.

A thoroughly modern politician, Cllr Storey is fully aware of the importance of public image and media relations.

With what critics would label "typical arrogance", David Henshaw regards such matters as beneath him and has regularly spoken of the local media as "low grade" and "immature", much to Cllr Storey's frustration.

It was rumoured that there was a major row between the two men when Liverpool waterfront's flagship Fourth Grace project collapsed last summer.

But the torpedo that really sunk their relationship hit home last October over Merseytram.

It has become known in Mike Storey's inner circle as the "Hartlepool incident".

The Daily Post learned on the afternoon of Friday, October 1, that both final bidders for the trams project had decided not to proceed with their bids, angry that the city council had asked for Line Two of the network to be rerouted to John Lennon Airport.

It meant a provisional offer of £170m of government funding for Line One and a bid for up to £200m for Line Two would be lost to Merseyside.

On the back of the collapse of the Fourth Grace, the loss of a second major infrastructure project and millions of pounds of investment was almost unthinkable.

Cllr Storey was informed of the latest situation by the Daily Post that night as he drove to Hartlepool with close confidantes to support the Liberal Democrats in a key by-election there.

For the first time in six years Cllr Storey, deeply frustrated by the lack of progress, publicly criticised his chief executive.

He suggested personality issues between Sir David and Merseytravel chief executive Neil Scales might be hindering the project, something both have always strongly denied.

Cllr Storey said: "We cannot go on like this. We owe it to future generations on Merseyside.

"These are powerful and highly-paid chief executives and I am surprised they have not done more to sort out their differences."

At the time, Sir David was holidaying in Scotland to mark his wedding anniversary, but when both men spoke later and Sir David learned of Cllr Storey's comments, he raged down the telephone at the council leader.

Rumours suggested Sir David had threatened to resign within days. With hindsight, Cllr Storey must deeply regret he did not do so.

Sources close to the council leader later said he "had never been spoken to in that way before".

That phone call sounded the death knell for a relationship which had once appeared impregnable.

Although never personal friends, the two men understood that, if Liverpool was to be reborn as a city, it needed a strong alliance between its political leadership and its administrative one.

They described it as "singing from the same hymn sheet".

Cllr Storey provided the political will to freeze the rocketing council tax levels which had been a symbolic block for new investment. Sir David found the efficiencies and particularly the workforce cuts to make the sums add up.

[email protected]
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Elected official or self righteous, ego maniac, civil servant who thinks he's a guru.

Henshaw has a murky past (as well as a successful one in local government), I know 2 people who Henshaw has shit on, one ended up in prison as a result of Henshaw saving his own bacon. The man's power crazed, selfish and greedy. In fact it's times like this that I wish SSC was hosted in the UK to test whether Henshaw would dare sue me.

Storey should accept his resignation and presumably that would relieve the council of golden handshakes etc.
I reckon both might have to go and soon, I think the divisions run very deep within both the council and LibDems. If only one goes the winner would have to work with/tolerate the losers supporters, this would be too much of a distraction from the work in hand, namely Liverpool and its citizens so maybe a clean sweep would be less painful in the long run.
I couldn't believe that when I read it,Unbelievable.
Here's an Echo article that explains where everything went wrong....

How Liverpool's top team fell apart.

Does anyone have any idea where this may leave us now,is this good or bad? :?
Bunnyman said:
Storey out Sebo in? Personally I'd like to see Henshaw and Storey settle it bare knuckle, fight to the death like. Then kill the winner.
That's the best suggestion I have heard yet. I'm sick of these idiots and their public bitch-fights. Its bloody pathetic. These two dick heads should think about the city and its people, and what needs to be done to make Liverpool the place to be. I'm not a big fan of drama at the best of times- but when the chief characters are people who have important jobs to be getting on with (and salaries to match) it just makes me sick. KILL THEM BOTH, and replace them with witohut delay.
Forget the two egos at stake here! This goes about doing as much damage to the image of liverpool to potetial investors as anything that has gone before it.

They should both walk now before their childish, petulant squabble heaps more shame on our fine city.
Both of these idiots going would be the best outcome,but how likely is that too happen? :?
Will he go by 5.00pm tonight.
This is exiting,it's just like waiting for the Brunswick & Beetham west verdict.
A pox on both their houses. I know for a fact, and personal experience, that Mike Storey is totally dishonest. David Henshaw is a very disruptive influence and a formidable barrier to the re-developement of the City of Liverpool. I have no sympathy for either of them.

If either one has the welfare of the citizens and the future and wellbeing of the City of Liverpool as their primary concern, they will each resign. But, knowing the two characters involved, it would be easier getting Tony Blair to tell the truth.
City leaders fall out after row boils over May 23 2005

By Nick Coligan, Liverpool Echo

LIVERPOOL council was today plunged into crisis as relations between the two men responsible for running the city collapsed.

Chief executive Sir David Henshaw and council leader Cllr Mike Storey have fallen out over confidential emails exchanged between Cllr Storey and the council's media chief Matt Finnegan, who is currently suspended.

It was reported today that Sir David had threatened to report Cllr Storey to a local government watchdog unless he resigns.

The ECHO understands that Sir David will strenuously deny delivering such an ulimatum.
The Liberal Democrat leader will tonight meet senior colleagues to decide his course of action.

He declined to comment today, and it is understood he has been advised not to speak publicly.

Lib Dem councillors today rushed to the council leader's support - but asked not to be identified.

One said: "Mike is the elected leader of the council, but David Henshaw is a highly-paid bureaucrat and his time has clearly come.

"The only person who will be leaving is David. Mike has 100% support from the group and councillors feel they are the only ones who can hire or fire him."

Another added: "I do not know of anyone in our group who has a bad word to say about Mike and I consider this to be the chief executive interfering with the political process.

"To intercept correspondence between councillors and officers flies in the face of democracy."

Cllr Steve Radford, of the Liberal group, said: "If Cllr Storey has acted improperly, it should not be up to the chief executive to give him an ultimatum to go - it would set a horrendous precedent. There must now be independent scrutiny." Cllr Joe Anderson, leader of the Labour opposition, today called on local government minister Phil Woolas to intervene.

He said: "I want to meet David Henshaw and be persuaded his course of action is the correct one.

"If he convinces me there has been a breach of standards by Cllr Storey, I will support the chief executive in his call for the leader to be reported to the district auditor.

"If I do not believe there is a case, I will demand there is an investigation into Sir David's behaviour."

Looks like he'll be staying then.
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I wonder how long it will take before one of the Nationals picks up on this story? :bash: :bash:
This won't do - now is not the time to bring the city into disrepute. Sounds like Henshaw should be escorted off the premises, and quickly.
scouserdave said:
I wonder how long it will take before one of the Nationals picks up on this story? :bash: :bash:
Yes, and no doubt there will be an imaginary prostitute, thief, burglar and a pregnant 12 year old involved in the story. :bash:
The only thing more detestable then politicians in this country is the London press.
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