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Design: Herzog & De Meuron

Feltrinelli per Porta Volta: a new home for Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, a project developed for the city of Milan and its residents. Along with the headquarters of the Fondazione - an internationally renowned center for study and research - the plan includes two additional buildings that will be mostly devoted to offices.


The peculiarity of the chosen area lies in its location, sitting along the route of the Spanish Walls: these ancient walls, dating back to the Fifteenth century, are the remains of a series of defensive works that defined the city boundaries ever since the Roman Times. By the end of the Nineteenth century, when the Bastioni (ramparts) were eventually opened, via Alessandro Volta marked the beginning of the urban expansion beyond the old walls, becoming a new connection axis between the historic center and Cimitero Monumentale. Altogether, the Feltrinelli project will represent a major improvement of the Porta Volta area, benefiting the city and its residents.The Progetto Feltrinelli per Porta Volta also includes the development of a green area featuring boulevards and bike paths, conceived as an extension of the existing avenues. At street level, the new buildings will host cafés, restaurants and shops, thus giving back to the residents an upgraded, more usable and livable area.

1 - 20 of 168 Posts