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Vote 2012 Milan's Skyline!

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Milan (Italy) skyline: 2012

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I create this new thread in substitution to the old one that is 5 or more years old because Milan skyline has really changed in the last 5 years and if in 2005/2007 it had not a good skyline, now the situation is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!! but it's not completed yet...all the constructions will be finished in 4-5 I've put 2012 in title of this TD.

here some pics taken from the web:

Milano dirigibile di Goldmund100, su Flickr

these 4 pics were taken the first days of this year, 5 mounths the skyline has already evolved

pics taken today by the italian forumer gruber:


from far away:

some mounths ago:

:) :cheers:
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waiting for CityLife...
8 untill 2015 when Citylife will be completed, then 9
The spire on the tallest looks like a mini Burj Khalifa
The spire on the tallest looks like a mini Burj Khalifa
^^ :D :cheers:


(by mr205063)

...and Solaria + Aria are growing up!! :cheers:
Also for me only 7,waiting for CityLife... and the recladding of 2 old skyscrapers...
Very promising skyline, futuristic and elegant.......I'm not going to wait until five years to evaluate the changing and progress of this beautiful city.........10/10
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Un sogno fatto realitá!

Coming along nicely 8/10.
7/10 it is well balanced and have a good rythm
10. Very impressive skyline!
i'd expect more of Italy's largest city
I like more the skylines of Paris and Frankfurt.
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