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status : approved , under costruction since 3-31-06
project by Libeskind, Hadid e Isozaky , Maggiora

5 towers , 50 storeys (Isozaky , 218 mt) ; 40 storeys (Hadid , 185 mt) ; 32 storeys (Libeskind ,170mt ) , 23 and 27 storeys (Maggiora)

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CITTA' DELLA MODA (fashion's city)
status : approved
project : 145 mt , Cesar Pelli
Beautiful towers. When will they start construction and when are they completed?
Pei Cobb Freed & partners - New Lombardy Center

Height : 160 metres
Construction start : 2006
Construction end : 2008
Location : Garibaldi-Repubblica financial district

Cesar Pelli - Città della Moda

Height : 145 metres
Status : approved
Location : Garibaldi-Repubblica financial district, near Garibaldi Fs station

The City of Milan recently began the redevelopment of a large and significant urban site. North of the historic city center and directly adjacent to the Garibaldi train station, the site once contained rail yards abandoned since the 1950s. Cesar Pelli & Associates has been commissioned to masterplan a mixed-use development on a seven hectare plot on the South end of the site. Eight hectares on the North end of the site are planned as a grand public park. The goal of the masterplan is to create a new and grand city center which will serve as a gateway reconnecting formerly separated neighborhoods.

This large scale, mixed-use development will be comprised of several buildings including residential, office, retail and hotel components with s strong focus on humane, ground level pedestrian activity at the base of the buildings. Unique to this development is a significant element dedicated to fashion and to reinforcing Milan as the fashion capital of the world. The city hopes to associate this private fashion element with an adjacent public museum of fashion and a university for fashion. These fashion elements will be at the southern end of the new public park adjacent to the larger, private development.

Despite severe planning limitations imposed by subterranean train lines and subway lines, Cesar Pelli & Associates is carefully developing the mixed-use masterplan to reknit the surrounding urban fabric which had been severed by the railyards.

Massimiliano Fuksas - New Milan Fair [2005]
Location : Rhò-Pero metro area
Status : completed

some more informations of Citylife project...

Fiera Milano

Fiera Milano redevelopment competition

Daniel Libeskind, in collaboration with Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki and Pier Paolo Maggiora, was recently announced as winner of the Fiera Milano redevelopment competition. The project is large in both scope and area, incorporating elements such as public spaces, housing, office towers, retail spaces, and a museum, and creating a new neighborhood in the cultural and historical context of Milan. The development is built around a central park, a much-needed lung for the city.

Buildings on the site designed specifically by Mr. Libeskind include an office tower, a housing development, and a museum. He is also responsible for the design of the park, along with the Piazza Domodossola.

Congratulations Milan :applause:
These projectas are great,and the best part,they will all be built at the same time. :)
^agree, Milan has lots of great things coming!
But where does the Pirelli fit in all this? I didn't recognize it in any of the photos, it would be a shame if it isn't part of the new skyline, especially since it's one of my favorite buildings in Europe.

Pirelli is the skyscraper on the left, in front of the Regione Lombardia tower. :)
3tmk said:
^agree, Milan has lots of great things coming!
But where does the Pirelli fit in all this? I didn't recognize it in any of the photos, it would be a shame if it isn't part of the new skyline, especially since it's one of my favorite buildings in Europe.
Milano Santa Giulia

A 1,200,000 square meter area located just a few kilometers from the heart of Milan is meant to be the ideal setting for the creation of a new pole of attraction.

The Milano Santa Giulia Project envisions the insertion of public and private structures in a careful balance between beauty and functionality, creativity and use. Private functions are absolved through the corresponding areas assigned to residential units, offices, commerce, hotel accommodation, stores, and venues for cultural and entertainment activities such as the multi-screen cinema complex.

Milano Santa Giulia has been designed for those who wish to inhabit the innovative city of the future that offers a range of different residential properties offers suited to every need.

One such residential area is called Crescent by virtue of the semi-circular shape of its innovative architectural structure and located west of the Promenade. Overlooking a park, Crescent is the ideal place for those in search of a residential property that offers both peace and quiet together with a high quality of daily living.

The private park guarantees access to an adequately-sized area of greenery and the opportunity to use private tennis courts, sports center, and indoor swimming pool. This residential area offers its inhabitants every essential service within the range of three-hundred meters, from the bank to the pharmacy to stores of every type along with an efficient public transport system perfectly integrated into the surroundings.

more informations of this project at this site

The first understatement I've read in 2006 :)
michal1982 said:
Boeri Studio - RCS Headquaters

Height : 80 metres
Status : approved, under construction

That sounded like jealously :colgate:
Mr D said:
The first understatement I've read in 2006 :)
Renzo Piano - Il Sole 24 Ore Headquarters

Status : completed

thanks sonic! :applause:

designed: 5+1 Architects

Height: 212m
status: proposed

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