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Design: Forest+Partners, Gustafson Porter

The roots of the Site
This part of Milan, colonized and made fertile since late Middle Ages by Cistercians and Umiliati, in Nineteenth Century was already linked directly to Bastioni walls by Lodi Street. This route, gathering Martesana Canal waters, follows one of the main Milanese canal : Redefossi. It is there that , from 1885 onwards, the new modern Ferrerie Lurani factory, later become Redaelli & Bolis steel factories, was settled in Rogoredo road in the first stretch of Emilia Street. Around the middle of Nineteenth century, the area was characterized by a series of considerably big industrial factories, which today no longer exist; among them the most famous are the Pirelli branch and Montecatini ( later become Montedison) plants.

A city within a city (2005 Masterplan)
The closure of Montedison factory and Redaelli steel mills left a huge void in the urban fabric in the South-East area of Milan. A number of town planning improvement schemes soon tried to remedy, but they considered the two so-called Montecity and Rogoredo areas as separate interventions. Conceiving these two projects as a single and homogenous whole was the real turning point. Thanks to new regional urbanistic means and to the co-operation of the Municipality of Milan, the Montecity –Rogoredo Integrated Intervention Plan was adopted. The closing of the Agreement, in March 2005, represented the final step of the Project carrying-out. The Project was assigned to one of the most outstanding contemporary architectural office, Foster + Partners, whose aim was to create a “new urban door” around which to develop a fully evolved district with many public services.

The new Smart City Masterplan
The current social and economic situation has suggested the modification of the previous Project into a new design proposal of a district, with high environment sustainability and high urban standards, modifying the city concept: from an elite area to an area for everybody, with a wide range of recreational and cultural services and a large city park , the linking element among the various settlements. A real Green City will be achieved, according to the most advanced environmental sustainability standards, developing above all the Smart Living characteristics , in order to create an harmonic and familiar context and the Smart Mobility, which will make it fully linked to the city center and served by the road network main routes. Project applying for LEED: Certification by Green Building Council Institute.​

The new design proposal, already introduced to the Municipality Authorities, has placed at its core a “compact urban development”, aiming to create the first district with a welcoming lifestyle for the community, where cultural and leisure facilities are perfectly embedded into retail and business activities.

The new Milano Santa Giulia Masterplan, even if it develops on the same surface, shall have max 4-5 story-buildings, consisting in residential, offices, hotels and a mall with underground car parking.
Old / New

The distances between the different built areas shall be reduced thanks to a series of plazas, creating pedestrians and cycle routes. Every 500 meters there is a plaza, which shall become a vibrant gathering place for the community.
Old / New

Green Areas
A 330,000 sqm urban park shall ideally connect the various districts, becoming a social gathering place, with a wide range of leisure, sport and cultural activities. The design also includes a lake next to the built area in the north of the site, as well as different bike routes connecting the two built areas.
Old / New

Primary Roads
Whilst the outer ring remains, the road connecting the residential area to Esselunga building shall be removed: this road, in fact, separated the two built areas, thus preventing people to enjoy the park.
Old / New

Public Transports
Public transport shall be increased. In addition to the tramway line, which has been moved to enable a better use of the public park, two new bus lines shall be introduced, linking the different zones of the site to Rogoredo station, connected with high speed trains, railway link and MM3 tube.
Old / New
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