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MILAN | Winter Gardens | 16 fl | U/C

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Winter Gardens
Milan's Porta Nuova​

Design > Caputo Partnership International
Developer > China Investment

"When I'm considering a new investment, I always start with a thorough market analysis." With this simple principle Xiao Dong Zhu, chairman and CEO of China Investment Bank, explains why he invested €70 million in Winter Gardens, a deluxe hospitality facility in Porta Nuova district geared to Chinese tourists and businessmen. "Data tells us that every year more than 100 million Chinese visit Europe, in particular Italy, France, Spain and Greece" added Xiao. "So it's a good time to invest in Europe, and I chose Italy as a launching pad because I love this country, its history, its culture, and especially Milan, the capital of luxury and high-fashion. It's dynamic, lively". "This is just a pilot project, we will continue to invest" he concluded.

The project was designed by architecture firm Caputo Partnership International. Located in Porta Nuova, behind the upcoming Library of Trees public park and not far from UniCredit Tower and Gae Aulenti plaza, the building will be 16 floors above ground and 6 underground for a total of 13,000 square meters with more than 100 luxury apartments. The ground level will house stores, offices, services and green areas. The building provides for 200 sqm of solar and photovoltaic panels. The style and design is Italian, said architect Paolo Caputo, but with concessions to the tastes of an Oriental clientele. The building is well linked to Milano Centrale station and Milano Garibaldi station, M2 and M3 stops.

Winter Gardens have been defined as the answer of another important project in Porta Nuova: Bosco Verticale (Upright Forest) see threads 1-2

The peculiarity of the Winter Gardens are greenhouses that characterize each apartment, hosting decorative plants, flowers, small vertical gardens, shrubs and vines, sapling citrus and more. Terraces are intended to cover gardens and roof gardens.

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