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Milton Precinct Plan

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Milton to undergo high-density facelift
Georgina Robinson | May 5, 2008

Increased traffic from the Hale Street Link toll bridge will not hurt plans to transform Milton into a high-density residential community, a Brisbane City councillor has said.

The Milton Rail Station transit oriented development proposes turning a five-block area of the inner-city suburb between Milton Road and Coronation Drive into a "highly accessible, high-density community".

A draft precinct plan went before council last week, earmarking the area for a massive influx of residents and workers.

The residential population in the precinct could double to nearly 4000 if a proposed 30-storey residential tower is built.

And as many as 2800 workers could fill the proposed 10- or 20-storey office buildings, taking Milton's employee population to more than 20,000.

But the precinct will also face increased vehicle numbers under a proposed new design for the Hale Street Link toll bridge, which ditches the right-hand turn from Hale Street onto Coronation Drive.

Westbound motorists will instead be directed onto Milton Road and Cribb Street to get onto Coronation Drive, a diversion that has concerned some.

"This will result in an increase in traffic volumes and delays on the alternative right-hand turn routes such as Cribb Street and Park Road," Labor opposition leader Shayne Sutton said.

But Neighbourhood Planning chair and Liberal councillor, Amanda Cooper, said the Hale Street Link had been taken into account.

"There's certainly going to be some changes to the traffic movement and that's been considered in the preparation of the (Milton) plan," Cr Cooper said.

"The core area is Park Road, McDougall Street, Cribb Street and Milton Road.

"(That) is where we'll see the greatest increases in density so we'll be working specifically to make sure that's managed effectively," she said.

The area will be divided into three precincts with building heights decreasing south of Milton rail station.

Developer FKP has lodged an application for a $300 million development over the station, which includes a 30 storey mixed use residential tower and 10 storey office building.

Pro Vision has also applied to build a 20 storey, mostly residential building along Railway Terrace.

The Park Road cafe and restaurant strip will retain its core retail and commercial focus under the plan, but building heights could increase to six storeys.

And the quieter residential areas along Manning and Walsh Streets will retain their residential focus but see a massive increase in density.

Cr Cooper said the council would be able to retain the area's livability at the same time as encouraging development.

"We'll be looking to create some additional park space in the area and we'll be trying to make sure there'll be improvements to the amenity in general," she said.

And Milton's most prominent icon, the Fourex brewery, has also been given a special place in the precinct.

Buildings will be set back to make sure the brewery is still visible along key streets in the area, Cr Cooper said.

"It was important that the officers preserved views of the brewery from the building, they tried to make sure it didn't lose its iconic status."

The Milton Rail precinct plan is expected to go out for public consultation in the next few months.

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I hope this is approved this looks great!:):applause:
The ever chnging Brisbane skyline will change again, this would really diversify where skyscrapers are being built, fingers crossed for a 100m+ proposal in this area in the next 10 years.
Interesting that they have put lower densities in the middle. Would like to see the plan when it goes on display in about a week.
Looks ok.
i think there are also issues in regards to the pollution output from the brewery next door.
It's what needs to happen... doesn't look bad.
I work in Milton, so it should be pretty cool to see all this stuff get built if it happens...
i think macdougall street really needs to become an active pedestrian link between cribb street and park road. if anyone has been to cribb street, theyll know that its a thriving lunchtime dining area for the large amount of corporate offices in the area. having two attractors at each end of the TOD site makes me believe that they need to be connected in some form.
Draft precinct plan is now on the BCC website.

I like the 1500sqm park at the corner of Railway Terrace and Manning Street and I like how they have made Manning Street a dead end with a through route for pedestrians only.

Looks good.
And because we all like pictures...

From the pdf documents on the links posted above.

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