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Nah, Id rather not.

Home to alot of birds and other creatures. Lots of color during summer.

How many of you fools can claim to have the worlds largest four faced clock in your backyard?

If I had to deal some drugs or kill someone....this would be the spot. Dont quote me on that. :)

Lake Express High Speed Ferry to Michigan. (Lake Express )

There was a white Ferrari parked on this street. I was going to take a picture of it, but the dudes in the house who looked the same age as me (19) didnt seem like they wanted that to happen.

The Outlaws Hideout

The Dennis Sullivan-"Wisconsin's Flagship"

This isnt a mental institution, nor are they projects. They are actually pretty nice looking condos.

Milwaukee Coast Guard Base

The kid on the bike yelled out "He is taking a picture of me" in this shot.

I thought you all would enjoy this foxy mamacita on the billboard.

A closer look.

Wait, you can kind of see the Italian sports car.

The End

Mainland Sea & Sky
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Nice place !
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