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Milwaukee's 'Gold Coast' is one not terribly dissimilar from Chicago's today. However, about a century ago, the area of Prospect Drive now cluttered with highrises was the city's premier mansion district, with huge estates on either side of the street. To the south sat Yankee Hill, a small neighbourhood of closely packed rowhomes and apartment blocks. More dense, but nonetheless still upscale residences sprouted up on the next parallel street West of Prospect (Farwell), but even one block farther West and down the bluff the mansions sat on one would come across one of the city's poorer sections, a neighbourhood of mostly Polish immigrants. The area is today known as East Village or the Brady St. neighbourhood, the latter applying to it the moniker of the city's most gentrifyed street. This neighbourhood is today, however, vastly overlooked, with most retail and construction activity taking place on Prospect, Farwell, Brady and Water Streets. As well, the grid here is an extension of the downtown grid, not of the rectangular suburban grid that surrounds it. The area is further isolated by the Milwaukee River, and bluffs that lead to it. This isolation, though, keeps the area especially quiet and makes the East Village feel like a trip back in time. There is no place else in the city quite like this.


Map of our walk, large dot represents start and arrow signifies direction:

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