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Last part of the pictures I took yesterday on a cloudy gray day.

Lady Liberty...

Ritz Carlton:

Tim and Jersey City...

Toward the WFC:


Gotta love the mixture of colors, styles, shapes all in one:

Just a random shot while walking:

Canyon part 1...

Skybridge connecting the two buildings...

Deutsche Bank building:

Love these small streets...

New addition in the neighborhood...

Canyon in midtown...

Yet another canyon, a famous one:

Guess the tower:

The answer...

Pregnant lady statue in the base of the Lever House:

Last shot...

Bloomberg standing tall in the neighborhood:

Hope you enjoyed.

Long live the Twins!
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i love skyscraper canyon shots...

anyone know when are they finally going to take the deutsche bank building down? it's really starting to look like an eyesore in downtown manhattan.

and as a final note: looks like goldman sach's roof's finally measuring up to its renderings...
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