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Last year I posted some images of my tiny little garden. It may not have looked like much, but it was my first attempt at growing anything and I was pretty proud of it. Like any beginner I made a lot of mistakes, but I tried to learn from the failures. The bad news: only about 60% of what I planted last year survived the winter. The good news: what survived is thriving.

I love anything with purple foliage.

Normally I disapprove of wind-chime type things but these are sentimental to me.

Hello, Dahlia.

Well hello, Dahlia.

Last year's garden so you can compare, though this was taken in late June.

Clematis is climbing the trellis
Hydrangea is burgeoning blue
One sunflower's towering over the others
Could it be, there's nothing left to do?
In a shoebox a baby bird's breathing
I found it half dead before dark
I kept it alive all night
I stared at the ceiling
And balanced the bird on my heart.

Like me you need something sustaining
You know there's a threat to your heart
An eyedropper stops your complaining for now
As for me, heaven knows where to start.
And this garden, so strong and relentless
I planted it all years ago
I'll just tear it up someday
I'll bulldoze the fences
And let somebody else's garden grow.

Did you know this was a love song?
Did you think the love had gone wrong?
Well it's never quite so simple you know.
Hope is a weed - it grows and grows and grows.

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I remember those pictures last year, glad to see some survived! Looks good, I gotta do the garden stuff the next couple days before the weekend and these Thunderstorms they keep calling for.
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