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Minsk Metro System

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Too much itty-bitty Balkan townships, too little info from EE metropolises like Minsk...;)

Minsk, Belarus

Minsk, the capital city of the former Soviet republic of Belarus, has 1.76 million inhabitants and is right in the centre of the country, more or less half way between Berlin and Moscow.

The Minsk metro network is a typical triangle system opened on 26 June 1984, after 8 years of construction. So far there are two lines with 20 stations and a total length of 23.7 km. There are plans for a basic network of 58.3 km and 45 stations (3 lines). Line 3 should become a north-south line crossing the other two lines at Frunzenskaya (formerly Yubileinaya) and Pl. Lenina (for some time called Pl. Nezavisimosti / Pl. Niezalezhnasci - railway station).

Due to geological conditions a shallow alignment was chosen for the Minsk metro (average 12-14 m). During construction of the Nemiga station remains of an ancient city were found. Archeologists worked on the site for two years but eventually everything was covered with sand.

The Minsk Metro has standard Russian gauge (1524 mm), platforms are 100 m long and 10 m wide, trains on both lines consist of 4 cars each. 420,000 people use the Minsk metro daily.

The stations are accessible via pedestrian subways, only three stations in the centre have entrances in existing buildings: Oktyabrskaya, Kupalovskaya and Pl. Lenina. All stations except Pervomayskaya have island platforms. Mogilyovskaya, opened 5 Sept. 2001, was the first metro station in the ex-USSR to be equipped with elevators.

Maximum speed of trains in Minsk metro is 80 km/h on the fist line and 70-80 km/h on the second line, except for the span between stations Nemiga and Frunzenskaya where trains run at speed 45 km/h. Since September 2002, 5-car trains have been running on the first line, while on the second line there are still 4-car trains.


12 Sept 2005 - stations Sportivnaya (planned as Rakovskaya), Kuntsevshchina and Kamennaya Gorka (3.9 km). The back of the magnetic metro ticket shows another planned extension towards the west, Krasnyiy Bor (or Vilenskaya).

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i think that Minsk, Moscow and Kyiv has one of the best looking subways in the world :)
It's pretty much a fact ^

Looking at these stations, I'm once again reminded with the greatest achievement of the soviet union - the subway.

I mean, if any of these stations would've been in new-york, people would go there to take pictures of it. American stations look like they're from third world in comparison to ex-soviet ones.

I don't think about Minsk, but in Kyiv for example, there are digital plasma TV's in every wagon for entertainment and news, also making visual announcements. And Minsk subway was considered the cleanest of all in USSR, judging by the pics, it remains to be so.

In fact, Minsk metro is very similar to Ukraine's Kharkiv metro system. Both in size and design. Though Kharkiv has 3 lines.

Though I would take the soviet coat of arms down :) in Kyiv there was a Lenin station in one of the stations ( I even remember which, institutska ) and it was taken out in 1991.
^well for the NYC subway, it's crappy but they do have some older ones, more or less preserved. The first subway stations look pretty good, if only the MTA could get more money to take care of the stations :(
But Minsk's subway station looks grandiose and amazing!
Though, wtf? :lol:
It looks like MTA doesn't spend a nickel for maintainance of the stations. I literally observed piece of shit on several stations and it's not uncommon to witness somebody pissing on one. And considering the bastards charge 2 bucks for this crap.... I mean, every single station in new-york looks as if it was not finished. There's cables sticking out everywhere and shit like that.

^ it really makes me angry, as one can observe :)

P.S. if they raise the cost of the ride, I'm seriously considering assassinating mta evil dictators. I know this radical group in bayridge..
And people wonder why I never had any interest in visiting New York...;)

Toronto is all I need to see of North America:yes:
(outside of Quebec, of course)
Too much bashing of NY here:D
Although i admit Port Authority kinda sucks overall Ny's metro looks OK

And they make great sandwiches by Penn Station;)
Nah, MTA needs to be bashed, but it's all Pataki's fault. I got to be neutral on Bloomberg, but I've always been against Patakass, sucking up to Bush, thinking he can be prez and with his croonies and wife diverting funds and controlling the fate of the Freedom Tower and taking away money from the MTA, etc. all for his personal interests
^ wow, you seem to be up to date. I have no idea what's going on here :) besides that the president is Bush
Future stations designs

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Elegant designs in the current Metro, but needs some renovation here and there. I like the future designs though :)
Kommandant Mark said:
Too much itty-bitty Balkan townships, too little info from EE metropolises like Minsk...;)

Minsk, Belarus.....
Thanks Mark. Truely appreciate
Minsk metro is cool. When i first visited Minsk it was quite an experience.
its nice but nah nothing beats athens, or atleast that i have seen.

But it is preety much coz athens is newish
Athens metro is a little one , you can't compare the Kyiv or Moscow metro which has several times more stations and more architecture( New modern and old classic ones)
^haha funny guy. Athens has got only modern ones. any old architecture ? NO
good. if we did, id rather them make then new and modern. i wouldnt be proud of dirty old stations. The current stations esp Syntagma square is basically a musem
Looks nice and neat. Just a bit too much of Soviet symbols for my taste.
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