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MINSK | Parus | 133m | 436ft | 32 fl | Com

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Minsk, Belarus
Flors: 32




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It's actually supposed to be 133m now. Anyway, I'm pretty excited about this - the first 100m+ skyscraper of the city. :)

The website:
I think "Parus" will looks more taller than it looks on randers.
I like this project and I like floors are grow quite quick:)
As far as I remember yesterday there were built 7 floors of "Parus" (June 12-2010)
Growing 2-3 floors a month as well, so the speed of construction is very good.
Is it residential or commercial?
Residential and сommercial, the first 4 floors set aside for offices, residential floors 5-30 and 31-32 penthouses
roof level 114 meters
mark spire 133 meters
The Parus (on the right of the photo) is also likely to be accompanied by a few other skyscrapers. This is the most recent render out of many prior to it.
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1 - 20 of 85 Posts
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