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MIPIM 2018

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Might be useful to have one place to put all the 'announcements' into.

Let's start off with the Property Opportunities brochure.
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I think we may hear of a few things on Wirral Waters and Birkenhead. Feels like there's more momentum on that side of the Mersey.

Also, I thought I read that the design of the RCN building will be revealed and possibly the Cruise terminal.
Have we been promised announcements? I think you'll find a couple of announcements will be Lime Square, the Film Studios and Festival Gardens have moved to the next stage, and maybe the bit of clarity of what's going on in Paddington and new renders for Liverpool Waters etc. That's probably news to the wider public who have limited interest but not so much to people on here. Don't unnecessarily build your hopes up and you won't be disappointed.
Check out the Manchester MIPIM web page with all its great video showing a dynamic city ...

Now look at ours
This is why I wonder what's going on behind the scenes....there is just no excuse for us always doing it the wrong way whereas other places consistently do it the right way. There isn't something different in the water! in my view it's meddling and incompetence.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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