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MIPIM 2018

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Might be useful to have one place to put all the 'announcements' into.

Let's start off with the Property Opportunities brochure.
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Sorry but anything other than as yet unheard of announcements will be a disappointment. That's one reason I try to ignore MIPIM. It's in reality a place to start conversations about deals but not announce them so I don't think it's helpful to us really. Not that we ever hear about deals that were struck at MIPIM. It tends to be LCC releasing an ever-expanding brochure of visions for which that they are begging for money. Note that few, if any, of these drop off the begging list.
Peel have, for their part, been quite open recently about how they have totally failed to attract commercial interest. Hence flipping LW into South Docks mk2 with a stadium in it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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