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MISC | Curved platforms on a station?

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Are there any examples of stations placed where, due to geography, the railway platform is curved?
Subways sometime have slightly curved platforms, but here I'm talking sort of rounded.

The reason that I'm asking is because I'm thinking if it would be possible to move the Stockholm Södra Station in Stockholm slightly eastward; closer to the Medborgareplatsen Square.
That would put the platforms where the rail is curved.
(Black is current platforms, red is what I'm looking for)

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I have two Dutch examples: Amsterdam Muiderpoort and Amsterdam Sloterdijk.
Both are kind of special. The first one was built in 1939 and has two separate curved platforms because it is also the junction for two lines.
The last one not only has a north-south platform stacked on top of the east-west platforms, there is also a connection from the west to the south built in 2003 called the Hemboog, to which a curved platform was added in 2008. This link couldn't have been designed in another way because of the existing surrounding buildings.
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Ah great examples, thanks!
And they work out well? No issues with the curved platforms?
Appenweier in Germany on the track going to Strasbourg. It's just a single platform, and it has a mirror for the train driver, so that he can see the more rear part of the train, which is behind the curve.
In Scotland I can think of:

In the Netherlands:
Barneveld Noord is on a very tight curve:,5.5977484,253m/data=!3m1!1e3

Den Bosch East is on a banked curve, getting on or of in this station used to be a climb.. and the slow movement really banked the train, shown at 0.26.,5.3180534,140m/data=!3m1!1e3

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Kent station in Cork has two tightly curved platforms.

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Ah great examples, thanks!
And they work out well? No issues with the curved platforms?
There are no issues that I am aware of at Lysaker at least.

In the place where the driver should stop there are four video monitors to see the rise and fall of passengers in the part of the platform that can not see because it is in curve.
It is the Vilaseca station, on the Reus-Tarragona line, in Spain.

En ambos andenes hay un sistema de pantallas de vídeo, para que los maquinistas tengan información en tiempo real de la situación de los mismos. La estación está en plena curva.
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I believe even Cologne Main Station has a slant at one end, as the adjacent bridge actually heads in the direction of the cathedral, then at the last moment one swerves into the station. There was a derailing of an ICE3 train in the station a few years back, but I do not know whether the layout was part of the reason.
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Brussel-Centraal/Bruxelles-Central: curved platforms, underground and busy as hell during rush hours. Add some 12-car long trains to the mix and you understand why most train managers hate this station:
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Furthermore in the Netherlands

Slight curve
- Den Haag Moerwijk
- Baarn
- Kampen Zuid
- Castricum
- Beverwijk
- Helmond (IC)

More serious
- Leidschendam-Voorburg (currently metro)
- Nuth (hilly terrain, served by Arriva)
- Schin op Geul (hilly terrain, served by Arriva)
- Soestdijk
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Crazily enough, Belgium seems to have slightly more curvy stations (apart from Brussels Central named earlier), but some are striking because of the hilly terrain:

- Namêche
- Ham-sur-Sambre
- Auvelais
- Tamines (slight)
- Louvière-centre
- Hourpes (least-used station in all of Belgium)
- Poix-Saint-Hubert
- Hony
- Méry
- Nessonvaux
- Franchimont
- Pepinster-Cité

These are all within Wallonia. In Flanders, the flat terrain limits the number of stations with curvy platforms. The only serious one is Mortsel.
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Some examples of the trains stations and stops with curved platforms in Poland

Gdańsk Wrzeszcz station:

Author: Koefbacńsk_Wrzeszcz_-_sierpień_2017_-_7.jpg

Gdańsk Śródmieście train stop:

Author: Andrzej Otrębski

Skowarcz train stop:

Grodzisk Wielkopolski station:

Kraków Podgórze train stop:

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Bratislava hlavná stanica

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