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The colour scheme can be changed to the new E320 being purschased by eurotunnel.
Correction, those have been ordered by Eurostar. Eurotunnel is just the company responsible for the tunnel operations and car/truck transport system. Eurotunnel sell their capacity in €2,500 slots to Eurostar, plus €9,60 transit fee per passenger.

And just to bully the Frogs...

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Does it have to be Chinese? Alstom has missed out on export markets in a lot of countries by insisting on working articulated. Personally, I agree with their main argument: it IS much safer. The twin problems, as far as I understand, are (1) un-articulated trains can load more passengers, and (2) some very winded old tracks cannot accomodate the "stiff" articulated trains. To the French this is no problem: you solve (1) by buying more trains, and you solve (2) by laying new tracks. Two countries seem to agree, namely Japan and Spain. The rest....? :)[QUOTE/]

Articulated trains have their wheel pivots in the extremes of the cars and only one set of each linking two cars ... so can acomodate about 20/30% more seats in the same train lenght and more easily adapt the carbody width to 2+3 (or even 3+3) seating.


To this comes the fact that the East Asians are now looking into the issue of wide-bodied highspeed trains. Siemens' prototypes (and some Japanese trains) can be broadened to 2+3 seats in second class. An articulated train, as I have understood it, cannot. [QUOTE/]

Quite the contrary ...

One of the main reasons Alstom lost the Eurostar contract to Siemens was apparently that its AGV has a lower passenger capacity. They have to address this issue FAST. China may be one factor, but only one...
Aparently the DB factoring was unheard of then ???

The truth is, I don't know. This is how it was communicated to me by an SNCF technician, fuming over the fact that the new AGV has a maximum passenger capacity of 700 and the Velaro D close to 900. - Obviously if you make the (unarticulated) train in a broadened version you get more capacity, but that's another story entirely.

Capacity at what train lenght ??? :bash:

The Siemens Velaro pdf from the website explains it. The articulated cars are shorter to fit within the loading guage, yet must have the same toilet and doors.
That is incorrect:

A standard TGV/AGV car has 18m and only has 1(2) door and 1(2) toilets ... a 10 car AGV (200m?) looks like this

A standard Velaro/conventional coach has 26m and has 2(4) doors and 1(2) toilets ... so for each velaro half coach (13m long) you get 1 vestibule ocupying the space of a lot of seats ...

And one must NEVER forget that the ICE3/Velaro is 1/2 conventional train and 1/2 selfpowered unit.

motor coach - conventional car - motor coach - 2x conventional car - motor coach - conventional car - motor coach

There's still 4 old school cars over there. :eek:hno:

offtherecord: speaking about noses ... just look at what people choose to put up front their version of a given HS train and one can easily figure out that any nose can go into any train of any company. :lol:

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