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A thread to discuss long-distance overnight train services, especially those running internationally.
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Monday, August 04, 2014
DB shrinks City Night Line network

GERMAN Rail (DB) long-distance subsidiary DB Fernverkehr is planning to further restructure its night train and Autozug motor rail services, which have collectively lost more than €20m annually in recent years.

DB says revenues from the services remain relatively low with little growth in recent years whilst operating costs are relatively high and largely fixed. DB has therefore decided to make significant changes to remove the worst loss-making routes. The services use specialist vehicles that are nearing the end of their useful life but DB says the trains currently do not make enough money to warrant investment in a new fleet.

Services will be withdrawn in December on the following routes:

• Basle/Amsterdam and Prague to Copenhagen

• Hamburg/Berlin and Munich to Paris

In addition Warsaw/Prague – Amsterdam services will no longer serve the Netherlands and will be cut back to Cologne.

DB says vehicles freed up by these changes will be redeployed to improve availability levels on other routes and to lengthen trains at busy times.
The Amsterdam section will be a big loss for me, I used it several times =(

I am happy they still have Zurich - Dresden - Prague, so there is 1 night train left to me: to the switzerland.

But cutting the trains in Oberhausen while Netherlands is so close, that's stupid =( Its so close, and it makes the difference between the route being very useful and being useless to me =( Connecting is possible, but only hardcores will do it. Alone I could do it, my wife probably wouldnt accept it.
I dont travel that much in winter, its cold. And I need to take days off to travel, and the number of days off are limited.

Where have you been the last month? These cuts already took place last November and December.
does not warrant investments into the necessary new coaches.
new coaches? I was very happy with the existing ones =( German night coaches are brand new compared with polish ones for example. IMO they could run those coaches for 10+ more years easily.

Plus open access fees for operating the night trains in countries outside Germany are sometimes horrendous.
Probably that's why they cancelled the route into the Netherlands and Denmark =( In Denmark there has been quite some effort to revert this, but I haven't heard from the dutch. I guess they don't care.

I wonder how much of this had to do with the bus liberalization. Buses taking market share, DB needs to save wherever it can. I hate buses.
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