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A thread to discuss long-distance overnight train services, especially those running internationally.
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Yesterday DSB issued a press release confirming the withdrawal of international sleeper services to / from Kobenhavn with effect from the December 2014 timetable change. Stated reasons are uneconomic operation, and forthcoming engineering blocks during 2015.
This means the loss of the Kobenhavn portions to Amsterdam, Prague, and Basel, which must seriously undermine the whole economics of continuing the CNL operation to / from those locations.

Jeff Hawken

Google translation of press release:

The night train stops running at New Year
17-06-2014 10:30:00
When the last departure at City Night Line, DSB and German courses DB night train rolls out from Copenhagen Central Station in December 2014, it ended up lying in sleeping cars on trains to and from Copenhagen. Indeed, it is a limited audience, which takes advantage of could lie in sleeping cars and dining in the restaurant car in the night train that runs from Copenhagen to Amsterdam, Basel and Prague."DB and we've looked at the numbers and we have to recognize that there is no economy in it," said DSB's head of sales and product marketing Christian Linnelyst.
Track work shuts down exit
DB and DSB have jointly decided to close the exit from Copenhagen via Roskilde, Odense, Kolding, Padborg and Hamburg. In Hamburg, shared the train and continue to Amsterdam, Basel and Prague. There are daily one departure and one arrival in Copenhagen. "It's mainly tourists during the summer months using this flight. The summer of 2015, however, marked by a significant and long-lasting track work on Funen, which means that we are forced to cancel almost all night trains in peak season, "says Christian Linnelyst and continues: "The economic indicators in conjunction with the track work next summer means that we choose to set the run right from the timetable change in December 2014 "Christian Linnelyst.
Still lots of connections to Europe
DSB continues 4:00 to 6:00 daily flights between Copenhagen and Hamburg and a daily flight between Copenhagen / Aarhus and Berlin and from there connect to the rest of Europe. "DB and we are investigating whether we can adjust the roadmap daytime so that we can provide customers with an attractive alternative to the night train with good connections through Europe, "says Christian Linnelyst.

DSB Communications & Branding (msl)
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I hope this trial is successful.
From 25th of June to 10th of July Latvian Railways will begin testing on-the-go border checks for Rīga - Moscow night train. This will reduce the journey time by two hours.

Other recent technological improvements have already cut the journey time by 40 minutes. So now the 920 km journey will take just 13 hrs and 40 minutes instead of the 16 hrs and 21 minutes just a few years ago.

That's still a quite miserable average speed of less than 70 km/h though. And indeed for some reason the up to 20 coaches long train accelerates very slowly. We have regional DMUs with more stops than the Moscow sleeper but they're faster.
Last weekend I travelled from Koper in Slovenia through to 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands, using the weekly car sleeper train which operates in the summer. The train was formed of 8 coaches, including sleeping cars, couchette cars, and a restaurant car, plus 6 double-deck car-carrying vehicles. From Koper we had a Slovenian 541 class electric loco through to Jesenice via Ljubljana, hauled from Prestranek to Ljubljana by an OBB class 2016 diesel (because of the overhead wire damage caused in the winter). Because of engineering work between Jesenice and Villach, the train took the diesel only route via Klagenfurt, so a further pair of OBB class 2016 diesels worked on that section. These were replaced by an OBB 1116 to Salzburg, where 1142 704 (owned by CBB) took over and worked via the north side of Munchen, south side of Frankfurt, across the bridges at Mainz, the left bank of the Rhine, avoiding Koln Hbf, and on to Kaldenkirchen, a few kms short of the border at Venlo. Here the 1142 had to be replaced by a class 189 electric for the short trip to Venlo, as the 1142 is not licensed on NS rails. Finally a "Baldwin" class 12 took over for the run to 's-Hertogenbosch, where the arrival was on time.
The operator of the weekly trains from 's-Hertogenbosch to Alessandria, Livorno and Koper is
Bookings can be made and paid for in Sterling via their UK agents, Railsavers
Prices vary according to type of accommodation, and season.

They accept passengers without cars too (like me). Certainly worth considering, either for a family holiday (with or without your road vehicle(s)) or just as a single traveller.
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