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MISC | International Night Trains

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A thread to discuss long-distance overnight train services, especially those running internationally.
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I remember in 2008 taking the night train Copenhagen-Munich, that shaky train was 4 hours late :bash:- This was probably the first night train line from Copenhagen to close. The problem with night trains is that they have a hard time sticking to the timetable. I went to Prague with train last year, I considered the night train from Copenhagen but it was very expensive. The cheapest way was to get to Hamburg first then take the ICE to Berlin and the train to Prague.

Now also closing the service to Amsterdam, Prague, and Basel meaning that Hamburg will be the main hub for international traintravel from Scandinavia/Northern Europe.

So now Hamburg & Berlin are the only remaing continental european cities with a direct service to Copenhagen. Remember that the Malmö, Sweden-Berlin night trains still are running, although with a seasonal traffic only (april-sept)

This means the loss of the Kobenhavn portions to Amsterdam, Prague, and Basel,
Berlin Night Express

Copenhagen may have lost its night trains but neighboring Malmo still has this
According to their website all trains Malmö-Berlin are cancelled from August 15th to 28th due to problems with locos och infrastructure in Germany.

Those who already have bought a ticket can get 100 % refund or a trip with replacement bus.

Snälltåget at Prenzlauer Allee in Berlin.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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