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MISC | International Night Trains

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A thread to discuss long-distance overnight train services, especially those running internationally.
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The Danish Transport Ministry have upon request in parliament from the left-wing Enhedslisten party released figures for how many passengers use the CNL night train from Copenhagen. The month with the worst statistics is November, equalling to about 150 passengers per service.

The numbers are from 2013.

Well, the problem is of course that this train arrives in Plovdiv and Erdine at inconvenient times. For Plovdiv, it might work as it arrives at 23:15. But form Erdine... few passengers willing to get on at 03:00 in the night. Hopefully in a couple of years there will be daytime trains too.
Wow, that is news. So my long description about how to get to Halkali can go to the garbage. TCDD in the news video admit that they did not have time to properly prepare an advertisement campaign for this, so I guess the bus service comes as an afterthought too. Only a few weeks ago I asked at the counter in Sirkeci Station and the official there did not even believe that reinistating this train on 1 April would work out. Now they have stepped up the pace, opened up the connection in the absolute dead season for travelers and still got 20 passengers on the first night just through social media. There is a huge number of travelers and commuters between Bulgaria and Turkey and they include cities like Edirne and Plovdiv where flying is not an option, so a good quality affordable train on this route definitely has a chance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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