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MISC | Your city's bus stops

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Hi guys... :wave:

It's as simple as it gets - show me 1 or 2 pics of your city's bus stops...

In return I'll show you where I hid a pot of gold.... or maybe not! :)

Anyway - here's Copenhagen's:

In this case there's 3 buslines which stops here ( 5A, 6A and 84N ) one will arrive in 1min the other in 4mins...

Both 5A and 6A are A-Busses, these are main lines and departs once every 3-5min depending on the time of day...

To make it easier to see when the next bus will arrive the bus stop is hooked up to a GPS system that calculate when the next bus will arrive at the stop..

It's a great system - I really love it!

The grey 84N is a Night bus that only operates when normal service has ended for the day - they arrive about once every 40min-1h so no GPS system is needed for them...

That's about it for Copenhagen, now it's your turn! :)
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Milwaukee County has a few different types of bus stops along with new and old signs.

This is an old (blue) sign:

This is a new (yellow) one. The yellow signs are meant to be more easily visible but they're also ugly:

Here's a major transfer point. The green routes all run on the highway, the blue are slow rutes on city streets, the WCCE is a private suburban bus, and the yellow route runs to festivals.

Finally, this is what most of the stop areas look like although the shelters are beginning to be replaced with smaller ones covered in advertisments.
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Velp Sq. (Velperplein), Arnhem

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Velp Sq. (Velperplein), Arnhem

Looks very busy...good to see that alot of people are using the public trafic systems
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Can't find any pics.

The Bus stop signs look similar to Milwaukee's above, although not nearly as descriptive.
Auckland, New Zealand.

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Another Copenhagen pic from a few weeks ago...

Pretty self-explanatory :)
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Looks very busy...good to see that alot of people are using the public trafic systems
Yes, people will use PT when it's well-designed, fast and affordable. Before, this was a square extremely busy with car traffic. The power of politics ...
Since CPH is done, I'll do Malmö only. :)

Typical bus stop in Malmö, that's quite similar to its counterpart on the other side of the water.

The green pillar in the background shows the routes that stop at the particular station (in this case 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 and 84) as well as route maps and connections .
The digital sigh
n in the foreground shows the approximate time when the buses will arrive.
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Bus stop sign:

Tramway stop sign:

The line number is indicated in the white circle.
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Where in the Netherlands? :)
A city of 200,000 in the south.:)
NYC bus stops aren't that special.

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