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Absolute World- 56 and 50 floors

Parkside Village Proposal- Two 50 story towers, and another 45 are the three taller ones

One Park Tower- 38 floors, and u/c

Solstice- 37 floors, and u/c

Absolute Vision- 35 floors, u/c

Grand Ovation- 34 floors, and u/c

Citygate- 34 floors, Completed

Eden Park 1-33 floors, recently completed

WideSuites- 33 floors, sales

Eve- 32 floors, sales

Ultra Ovation- 32 floors, sales

Ovation 1&2- 31 floors, completed

Absolute 1&2- 27 & 31 floors- u/c

Capital- 31 floors, recently completed

Universal Condominiums- 22 floors, u/c

Tuscany Gates- 20 floors, u/c

North Shore- 20 floors, sales

Hershey Sportzone:


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Good Rundown of the situation, a lot of people seem to forget about the Stonebrook Condos in Clarkson...that will be 19 stories...another tower will also be 17 storeys too...This is a big issue for Clarkson.

Kudos to Martinsizon

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There's also a proposed 10 storey (i realize not huge) proposed on Lakeshore, west of Cawthra (near Shaw Drive), that includes ground level retail. It's an important addition as it will hopefully help in extending the Port Credit strip westward, after it was torn apart in the 50s/60s?.

Btw, I believe Universail is suppose to be 2/3 towers, though it has been in sales for such a long time they may have cut it back to one, though the site would be massive for only a single tower.

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Yay, I was afraid there was another explosion in mississauga!

These condos will definately make an impressive skyline, but is there any ground level retail? and how much do these cost (compared to toronto)

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hershey sportzone is a $38 mil expansion to add new venues in the area of the hershey centre. This includes:

-3 indoor soccer fields and 2 outdoor
-a centre for 2600 member Mississauga gynasitics club
- a gynasium for indoor volleyball, and basketall
- a metting space for medicine practioners

This is schelued to open fall 2007

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Some other news...

Smart transit cards coming next year

Gerry Timbers
Oct 13, 2006

An public transit fare card that would allow commuters to tanfer from a Mississauga Transit to a GO train and then to the subway is a little closer to becoming reality.
Yesterday, Ontario Minister of Transportation Donna Cansfield announced she has signed a 10-year, $250-million, 10-year contract with a management consortium to implement and install a "smart card" system.

The cards will be scanned electronically as passengers board a bus or train and fares will be deducted accordingly.

The Globe and Mail reports that the new smart cards will be up and running by mid-2007 at the Meadowvale and Cooksville GO Transit stations and on four Mississauga bus routes.

The system wil be fully implemented on GO Transit and the other GTA transit systems by 2010.

Meanwhile, Cansfield also nameds Mississauga's Peter Smith, the current GO Transit chairman, to co-chair the new Greater Toronto Transportation Authority, which will oversee the new smart-card system.

Outgoing Burlington Mayor Rob MacIsaac is the other co-chair.
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