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Mississauga Condo Boom

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Absolute World- 56 and 50 floors

Parkside Village Proposal- Two 50 story towers, and another 45 are the three taller ones

One Park Tower- 38 floors, and u/c

Solstice- 37 floors, and u/c

Absolute Vision- 35 floors, u/c

Grand Ovation- 34 floors, and u/c

Citygate- 34 floors, Completed

Eden Park 1-33 floors, recently completed

WideSuites- 33 floors, sales

Eve- 32 floors, sales

Ultra Ovation- 32 floors, sales

Ovation 1&2- 31 floors, completed

Absolute 1&2- 27 & 31 floors- u/c

Capital- 31 floors, recently completed

Universal Condominiums- 22 floors, u/c

Tuscany Gates- 20 floors, u/c

North Shore- 20 floors, sales

Hershey Sportzone:

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Updates for Grand Ovation & Solsctice

Dont remember why i included this:
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Some of them do have ground level retail.

Yes those pictuers were taken from Monarchy.
hershey sportzone is a $38 mil expansion to add new venues in the area of the hershey centre. This includes:

-3 indoor soccer fields and 2 outdoor
-a centre for 2600 member Mississauga gynasitics club
- a gynasium for indoor volleyball, and basketall
- a metting space for medicine practioners

This is schelued to open fall 2007
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Eve, 32 floors, u/c:

WideSuites, 30+? floors, sales:

Observation Deck on the top(probably private):
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Should all this be posted in the other thread? Why put it here?
I dont know but i am just posting all the renders in this thread. If you dont want me to, i will post it in the other thread.
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