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MKH BOULEVARD PHASE I | Selangor (Kajang) | U/C

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Developer : Metro Kajang

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For MKH already cleared...
MKH Boulevard launching dis wknd...very2 good location....very strategic...another projek MKH Avenue juz nearby...
All units sold out xcept 4 bumi units....phase 2 next year....good location is da main factor 4 dis project....
MKH Boulevard currently at level 2...
MKH Boulevard currently at level 3 & MKH Avenue just started...
MKH Boulevard 2. launch scheduled in June 2015
project rename to MKH Boulevard. merge this thread --->
This thread would be used for MKH Boulevard. :yes:
MKH Boulevard 2 will be next to MRT station. Location wise is even better location than MKH Boulevard. When will it ne launched?
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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