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MOBILE: RSA Battle House Tower (228.7m)

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This will be the tallest building in Alabama topping out around 750 ft.
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Not bad, top looks like the Chrysler building.
Wow, I had no idea that they were already this far in construction. Should be a nice building. :eek:kay:
hello skywade i live in navarre, florida.
It's coming along nicely! When is it due for completion?
whoa a 750ft office tower in mobile,didn't know there was a demand for that much.

looking good mobile
When you said RSA I thought you meant Royal Sun Alliance!
Good to see a big tower going up in a lower profile American city. This deserves more attention.

There's a construction webcam for this tower. Here's one of the latest shots.

Photo from August by ExpatBaman (Urban Planet), inlcuding Mobile's previous tallest AmSouth Bank Building (129m)

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Wow, Mobile is moving on up! Thats a stunner right there.
Yeah, what hurricane?? Go Mobile, lookin' good!!
Cool looking - really cool looking but what's up with the name ???
I mean, in fact the name sounds real cool too... But... Why 'battle' ?? Are they going to war or something ? :)
Pengui said:
Cool looking - really cool looking but what's up with the name ???
I mean, in fact the name sounds real cool too... But... Why 'battle' ?? Are they going to war or something ? :)
I can't find anything about the origin of the name Battle House. But here's some information about it from the Wikipedia page on Mobile

Since 1852, the Battle House hotel has been a fixture of the Mobile landscape. Although the original hotel was destroyed in a fire in 1905, it was rebuilt and has remained a Mobile area landmark. It was the location of President Woodrow Wilson's famous speech in 1913 where he declared that the United States would never again fight in a foreign war of aggression. In 1974, the hotel went vacant, as much of downtown was doing at the time.

In 2001, the Mobile City Council approved a deal with the Retirement Systems of Alabama for a complete restoration of the historic hotel, as well as construction of the Battle House Tower, a 35 Story, 745 foot (227 m) tall skyscraper that will not only be the tallest building in Alabama, but also one of the ten tallest buildings on the Gulf Coast.

The Battle House Project is the crowning achievement of the "String of Pearls" initiative undertaken by the Dow administration, which has seen the construction of the Arthur Outlaw Convention Center, the Cruise Ship Terminal, the Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico, and the complete rebirth of Dauphin Street, Mobile's historic commercial corridor.

Other projects in the works include a proposed high-rise condominium tower on Water Street in the heart of the downtown waterfront, as well as the construction of a historic Mardi Gras themed city park in downtown to celebrate the city's heritage as the original city of American Mardi Gras, the Mother of All Mystics, as well as a brand new state of the art federal courthouse. Mobile is rapidly developing into one of the South's hottest cities, and locals believe that the future will only be bright, based on the old Mobile saying of "As goes the Battle House, so goes Mobile"
Thanks :) As it is named after a local landmark, I suppose the name is indeed very meaningful to locals :)
nice! looks like they're finished with constrcting the level right beneath the start of the crown. won't be long until they start the crown now!

i love the building's facade, especially how it looks high-tech and classical at the same time. the crown looks like what would happen if you merge chrysler's crown and an onion together, but it still looks cool. at least it looks much better than that cheap-looking am south building that's just plain screaming for a recladding.
the battle house got its name because it was built on the site of a battle that took place during the war of 1812. it is a strange name, i've never really thought about it before...
progressing fast...will be a landmark for Mobile.
waste of money
^^???Can you elaborate on that a bit?

Somethings wrong with the webcam. It isn't showing any images after Oct 30th 2005. I was looking forward to watching the crown take shape :(
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