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Modelling Malmö's Highrises | The Google SketchUp Thread

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I'll be posting Google SketchUp models of Malmö's planned highrise buildings in this thread. The models will be based on site plans from Malmö Stad and Google's geolocation feature, so while footprints, volumes and height should be accurate, the details of the models may not be.

Instructions on how to view the models:
Download Google Earth and the respective .kmz file. In GE, click File -> Open, and locate the .kmz file on your harddrive. In the bar on the left hand side of the screen, move the model from "Temporary Places" to "My Places". Activate the 3D Buildings in the Layers tab in the bottom left to see the default landmarks.

Anyone is of course welcome to post their own models in this thread. I know there are a few forumers doing this already.
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Great work mate! Props! This area will look great in the future (if they build the highrises).
SketchUp-modell på Kv. Kaninen för er som vill få er en bild av hur det kommer se ut volymmässigt.

Länken kände sig ensam i Kv. Kaninen tråden.
My models, featured in Google Earth::)



More of my models from Malmö and other cities:
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You have some great models, Nightsky! I could give you the SketchUp-files for my models if you would want to add textures to them (I have yet to figure out how to do that). :yes:

By the way, I have noticed that your Hilton model is slightly misplaced in Google Maps.
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