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I started this thread to discuss the issue with the moderators of the Iraqi forum.

1- I can see that all the moderators are not Iraqis.
2- They are not deleting SPAM messages even after I reported them (and perhaps others too).
3- The Iraqi forum maybe needs a subforum for "industrial" projects since a lot of works in Iraq are of industrial nature. It would make it easier to navigate if project types are classified by area, other examples can be "transportation and infrastructure" subforum in addition to the normal projects forum that contains real estate developments.

Is it possible to have one of the regular Iraqis on the forum made into a moderator? I would post more if there was a mod available to better organise things here and make the forum more dynamic and accessible.
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Im all for an Iraqi moderator since our forum is the least organised and is a mess with all this spam. So how does one go about becoming a moderator? .. not that im offering since i do not visit this site everyday to keep up with deleting the spam, but maybe for someone else perhaps who is willing, should do so.
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unfortunately, the selection of a moderator on skyscrapercity is a mysterious and poorly defined process.

The moderation has been so poor on this forum (despite being allocated FOUR moderators for this relatively small forum), we see spammers everywhere, project status never updates (i've never seen one case where the status of a project is updated on this forum !!! not one!).
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we need a moderator!!!!
current mods, if you're reading this please make someone a mod ASAP
Big Dreamer's been on the forums since 2005, and has 1200+ posts. He's Iraqi. so make him Mod. end of story.
^^ i second that
Big Dreamer's been on the forums since 2005, and has 1200+ posts. He's Iraqi. so make him Mod. end of story.
+ 1.
Thanks guys for nominating me :) you're very kind !, the simple truth is that anyone here can provide FAR better moderation than what we are getting at the moment !

This forum is completely ignored (i don't know if it is on purpose, or that they simply forgot about it).

sadly, expect our request for our own moderator to be ignored for a while (unfortunately).
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I raise my voice with u guys... +1
Thats a great idea
you will be surprised how much spam this forum actually gets, but unfortunately some of it slips through the net. I can't know where to find these spam posts so send me a PM with a link. Like I have said from the start, if any of you guys need to raise any issues; raise them with me and I will deal with it pretty sharp.

My immediate opinion, the forum is still too small for a dedicated mod. Other than the spam, most things seem to be running smoothly. A dedicated moderator will not have that much work (correct me if I am wrong though). Do not take this as a negative, use it to pull together and develop the forum more.

Simply sending me a PM with what needs to be done is as good as doing it yourself, plus you won't have the stress of dealing with the trolls. I have not had a single PM from any of you guys asking for something to be addressed perhaps since this section was created so I don't know who you are reporting them too exactly - please do not use the reported posts feature. For me to find the reported posts that are relevant to my sections I will literally have to sift through hundreds of posts

Anyway, this is not definite, I'll raise the issue with the rest of the staff and see what their opinion is on it. I also support BigDreamer for the position.
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shugs. Does the "reporting" mechanism not function correctly?
^^ lol i didn't know we were reporting to you, thanks! i'll know to pm you in the future
shugs. Does the "reporting" mechanism not function correctly?
It functions as it should but it's not the most effective way to get something done. It applies to all forums, PM the local mod(s) for a quick reaction.
Hi everyone

Thanks to everyone here, we got an Iraq forum moderator =D
I was granted moderator access earlier today. I’m glad to donate my time to serve everyone here.

I’m very thankful to Sheytan, elusive and Baghdad_sara and anyone else who suggested me for the role. Your trust means a lot.

I’m extremely grateful to shugs, who not only was the sole mod to push our request through, he was the only mod who truly helped us to get our forum earlier this year. While others had doubts about having an Iraqi forum, out of fear that Iraq is too divided, and the forum would do nothing but invite trolls and personal attacks, while others were simply disinterested to see Iraq getting its own forum; Shugs believed in us and supported our cause from the start.

I’m very glad to say that our forum today has proved to be a successful and very informative arena for discourse and news updates.. The contribution of many of the formers here are of such high caliber and dedication (I get hits from elusive’s Baghdad thread so many times when googling :lol:)

Anyways, I hope that our forum will grow in number and content, and would become a real community that would act as a catalyst in helping our homeland rebuild.
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Congratulations BigDreamer!! :banana: Finally we have an Iraqi moderator this is great news for our forum, i too share aspirations of it growing and serving as a place where people who are interested in/or would like to enquire more about Iraq can do so by visiting or contributing to the forum.

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^^ congratulations BigDreamer! i hope so too, im looking forward to watching this forum prosper :)
Congrats BigDreamer and many thanks to Shugs for giving Iraq a forum and mod!
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