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I am sterdam
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The modern side of Amsterdam, the pictures are taken from february til april 2005. From me offcourse:

Project off the Zuid-As (South Axis)
Inside the project: :cheers:

Vinoly (ready in april 05)

Ito (ready in may 05)

Mahler 4 and the ABN headquarters 105 m

Ito, WTC tower 6 and the ABN

The project isn't ready, 4 projects (>98 m) are ready before 2009

CIE appartments

Whene its ready:

Oostelijke Handelskade, the IJ-banks

Movenpick Hotel 68 m (ready 2006)

Oosterdoks eiland (ready 2008)

Amsterdam Central station: the new bus station and roadtunnel (ready 2007)

Project links:
Otherwise Holland Hoogbouw Forum Amsterdam

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Thnk for your great slides Winbuks. Amsterdam is a great old city and a great modern city. With your permission i want post any more slides of my trip around to Belgium and Netherland few days ago in this thread.

I love this build

... and this too (Oceanarium "Nemo" play by Renzo Piano)

Van Gogh Museum

New structure for the extension of rooms in the V.G. Museum

The rest of my trip

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Vanman said:
I have always wanted to go to Amsterdam for the bud culture but damn those buildings look cool. I think I would blaze a fat joint right in front of that Nemo building if I were there
:sleepy: yeah right

Btw, I just love Amsterdam. (Every time I come to Amsterdam I’m amazed at all the construction works going on there.) This is the city where I’m goanna live when I finished my study :)
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