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Modern Russian Churches

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I going through the architectural depository in chronological order and will be posting new churches here, and old churches in the Churches and Monasteries of Russia thread.

EDIT: No, I will be posting old churches in the Architecture of pre-Petrine Russia and Russian Revival thread.

The Joy of Russian Architecture Series:

Russian Baroque
Russian Wooden Homes
— Modern Russian Churches ★★★★★
Magnificent Saint Petersburg
Neo-Byzantine Style in Europe
Pre-Petrine Russia & Russian Revival

Recommended Threads:

New Buildings Built in Traditional Architecture Style
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Temple of new Martyrs and Confessors of Belgorod 2003-2011

Stroitel/ Belgorod region:

Church of Alexius, the Metropolitan of Moscow 2001-2002

Moscow region

Church of St. Alexander Nevsky Moscow 2013-2015

Temple of The Iveron icon of the Mother of God Moscow 2015
261 - 263 of 263 Posts
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