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Construction of Kenya's first eco-city - a residential settlement that is environmentally, socially, economically and culturally self-sustaining - has commenced on the outskirts of Mombasa, with the first phase expected to be ready for occupation by the third quarter of this year.
The whole project will take four to five years to complete.
Going by the name Hacienda, the development, located in the Mwakirunge area of the North Coast, off the Mombas-Malindi highway, will have 6,250 housing units - of two- and three-bedroom flats, and three- and four bedroom bungalows - to be developed in 10 phases.
The plan also includes a hospital, school, playgrounds and recreation facilities, a police station, commercial centres and office blocks, among other vital amenities.
According to Urban Ecology Australia, a non-profit organisation promoting people- and nature-friendly urban settlements, an eco-city is a human settlement that enables its residents to live a quality life while using minimal natural resources.
David Muniu, a director at Hacienda Development Holdings said, "Hacienda has been designed to improve the image and function of Mombasa as a vibrant, modern and environmentally sustainable city in Africa."
Hacienda Development Holdings, the developers of Hacienda say the design of the buildings will make best use of the sun, wind and rainfall to supply the energy and water needs of the residents.
The project's design include the development of wetlands to harvest, biologically treat, and recycle runoff water for household use, a solar/wind power station, and the planting of 10,000 trees.
So far, the developers say they have signed an agreement with the African Conservation Trust for the establishment of a tree nursery on Hacienda's Mwakirunge project.

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Mombasa goes green with Hacienda

Set to be Mombasa’s largest housing project, Hacienda Eco City is a trendsetter for modern-day developments. The developers have employed green technology in the construction of the new housing estate, making it a model for sustainable community development.

Hacienda is a Spanish word meaning big homestead.

The environmentally friendly project comes complete with wetlands for biological treatment of water and will generate its own power from solar energy.

With flat rooftop houses adopted from Moroccan architecture, the eco city is an ingenious addition to Africa’s green architecture. Flat concrete roofs are suitable for hot climates as they provide open-air space at the rooftop, where residents can lounge, especially in the evenings, when the inside is too hot. They also slow the conduction of heat to the inside of the house.

The eco city site in Mwakirunge, Mombasa North, sits on 500 acres and will include flats, houses, shops, restaurants, a police station, schools, clinics and a business complex, all estimated to cost Sh7 billion.

Tree nursery

An open day organised by Hacienda Holdings on Saturday, December 13, attracted many Mombasa residents and visitors who were eager to catch a glimpse of the innovative development.

Hacienda Holdings chairman, Mr David Muniu, said 10 housing units are complete and ready for occupation. Divided into nine phases, the project will take seven years to complete.

"We have started with Mombasa and will later on move to Nairobi and other towns. Our aim is to ultimately cover the whole of East Africa," Muniu said.

The development consists of 7,000 housing units with one, two, and three bed-roomed flats as well as three and four bed-roomed bungalows.

A tree nursery that will provide greenery in the eco-city has already been established.

Savings & Loan (S&L) are Hacienda’s financial partners amd they will will provide affordable mortgage loans. Repayment rates can be as low as Sh8,000 per month.

S &L corporate relations manager, Millicent Omondi said that they are happy to be associated with the venture.

"Past mortgage projects, especially in Nairobi where property prices have soared to Sh10 million and beyond, have been targeting the upper class. Hacienda is meant to benefit the middle class and low-income groups," she said.

Mr Salim Ali Mola, the Civil Servants Housing Scheme manager, said that they are working with Hacienda Holdings to help civil servants access decent houses. Of the 119,000 civil servants in the country, 3,000 already own houses in Nairobi through this scheme.

"Hacienda enables us to reach civil servants in Mombasa. We will offer them expert advice and assist them in getting the necessary financing for the houses," Said Mola.

Under a special arrangement between the scheme and Hacienda Holdings, civil servants will get a negotiated deal, with the interest rate set at five per cent.

power station

Houses are selling at Sh1.5 million for a one bed-roomed unit and Sh2.5 million for a two bed-roomed unit. A three bed-roomed unit covering 40 square metres will go for Sh2.95 million while one sitting on 91 square metres will be Sh3.5 million. A four bed-roomed house with a plinth area of 117 square metres will go for Sh4.5 million.

Individual buyers will access up to 90 per cent financing, effectively placing the down payment to be footed by the buyer at 10 per cent.

At Hacienda, innovative green technology has consistently been applied in energy production and recycling. The project manager, Mr Shlomi Jerome says the unique plants that will grow in the wetlands will be used for biological treatment of wastewater. The water will be re-used in the households.

With each house requiring at least 2.5 kilowatts, there will be a solar and wind power station that will produce12 megawatts. Each house will have pre-paid metre installed.

A Community residence at Solomon’s Gates

Meanwhile, another development in the up market Nyali area on the Mombasa North mainland is nearing completion.

Solomon’s Gates is a showcase of post-modern architecture, with design concepts that defy traditional standards and norms.

The ten double-storey residences make for a pleasant balance between natural beauty and striking architectural designs. This residential-gated community allows residents to blend urban living with the comfort of home living.

Occupying a landscaped one-acre plot, the houses are bathed in inviting pastel colours.

The kitchens have smooth granite countertops, fitted kitchen cabinets, stainless steel sinks and porcelain tiled floors.

Every house has four en suite bedrooms, each containing a shower, washbasin, and noise reduction water closets(WCs). Houses are fitted with air conditioning, a critical feature in the hot and humid coastal climate.

The rooms are spacious, with the interiors done in unique geometric patterns and shapes. Ceilings are high to allow for a wide range of modern furnishings.

Distinct in its flair, the master bedroom in each unit contains a closet, separate dressing room, shower and bathtub.

A staircase leads from the second floor of every house to a quiet roof top terrace that can act as an additional outdoor space on which to enjoy breakfast or to entertain guests during an evening barbeque.

Residents can access two cart ports each, with one having a cover.

Designed with families in mind, each residence contains separate domestic quarters with a shower and WC. There is ample dhobi area that can accommodate both a washing and a drying machine. There is also a utility area and drying yard for every house.

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MOMBASA | Hacienda Eco-city


Hacienda, the Eco-City in Africa.

Hacienda presents a highly innovative and completely Eco-friendly approach to affordable Housing Development; the first of its kind in Africa. Located on Kenya's North Coast, and only 12 km from Nyali Bridge, housing construction has already commenced on this unique project that will permit home owners to enjoy a high quality lifestyle at highly affordable prices. When fully completed, the development will have created a new township, self sufficient in all respects, and complete with all the services, facilities and amenities homeowners expect in such a development. In addition, over 10,000 trees and shrubs will have been planted to add to the beauty of the development and make a positive contribution to the environment. Homeowners and their families will be able to work, shop, attend school, get medical care, dine out and enjoy other forms of entertainment all within this highly secure, independently managed and well maintained development.

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Don't be surprised if the super rich who can afford the most expensive houses rush there. Same thing happened in Kibera. I saw a video in which there were SUVs parked outside those houses. I just don't get our country sometimes, I just don't.

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Kenguy! tel us if this project has been revived...

i was thea last june and the security told me the project for some reasons was halted!
Just found some pics online and decided to post them here. You are in a better position to keep us updated since you are at the coast.
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