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Much more than premium golf, Vipingo Ridge is a destination for everyone who enjoys the best life has to offer. Set in 2,500 acres on Kenya’s North Coast, Vipingo Ridge brings a range of elements of luxury living together in a peaceful and secure gated community. With its wide range of amenities including: two 18 hole championship golf courses, private airstrip, game sanctuary, clubhouse, private beach club. interviewed Keziah Okanga, a Sales Executive with Vipingo Ridge Limited. Below is part of the interview. Read more...

We interviewed Keziah Okanga, a Sales Executive with Vipingo Ridge Limited. Below is part of the interview:
Q. Please tell us a little bit about the Vipingo Ridge project.

A. Much more than premium golf, Vipingo Ridge is a destination for everyone who enjoys the best life has to offer. Set in 2,500 acres on Kenya’s North Coast, Vipingo Ridge brings a range of elements of luxury living together in a peaceful and secure gated community. It has the following features:
• Two x 18 hole Championship Golf Courses
Both two ‘par 72’ championship golf courses will offer challenging and exciting golf for players at all levels. State of the art practice and coaching facilities will also include a 300 meter driving range.

• Range of Properties
Giving the buyer freedom to build the property that suits you best, there are a range of property options from which you can choose at Vipingo Ridge. Luxury Golf Villas are available on an off-plan basis.

• Outstanding Clubhouse
The stunning clubhouse will be finished to 5 star standards. Spacious locker rooms, pro shop, bag storage, spike bar and a restaurant designed to make the most of the all round panoramic views. The clubhouse will have a family friendly pool and other leisure facilities such as bowling green, tennis and squash courts.

• Block Paved Roads Throughout
The roads throughout the development will be block paved which offer a smooth, durable surface.

• Private Airstrip
The 1.5km long airstrip ensures even greater flexibility and accessibility placing all destinations and game parks within easy reach for Vipingo Ridge visitors and residents.

• Game Sanctuary

A care and breeding centre for small game will be established within Vipingo Ridge. The wild game, such as antelope, zebra and various other herbivores will be allowed to roam freely around the development.

• Private Beach Club
A stunning unspoilt white sandy beach is only 3km from Vipingo Ridge. The exclusive Beach club will offer all residents a tranquil environment in which to enjoy diving, snorkeling and watersports.

• Nature Trails
Throughout Vipingo Ridge there is horse riding, walking, cycling and jogging trails – a serene way to enjoy the fabulous scenery and environment.

• Total Security
While Vipingo Ridge sits in a peaceful environment, the 24 hour top level security service and the 3 meter high perimeter wall will give total peace of mind and ensure that security is always maintained.
Q. How do you purchase a property at Vipingo Ridge?

A. Once a plot/villa has been selected, Vipingo Ridge issues the purchaser with a Letter of Offer. The purchaser will then need to place a deposit to secure the plot/villa. Vipingo Ridge will grant a 99 year lease of the property in the development. The sale structure would also include shares in Vipingo Ridge Ltd.
Q. Can a non-Kenyan citizen or company incorporated outside Kenya purchase property in Vipingo Ridge?

A. There are no restrictions to foreign nationals or foreign registered companies owning property at Vipingo Ridge.
Q. Can the title documents be used as a security?

A. Most banks and financial institutions in Kenya accept long leases as security. Terms and conditions and requirements of institutions vary. If you are considering financing your purchase please establish the requirements from the financier directly.
Q. Are there any taxes or duties payable on the acquisition of a plot in the Resort and share in Vipingo Ridge?

A. Stamp Duty is 2% of the value of the property and 1% of the share price. In addition, incidental charges, costs for registration of the lease, plus any other related legal costs and disbursements will be payable by you. A full schedule of legal costs can be obtained on request.

Q. Can one purchase a property in the development and not a share in Vipingo Ridge or vice versa?

A. The right to purchase a property is conditional upon the agreement to purchase a share. Both purchases will be completed simultaneously.
Q. Are there any development restrictions on the property?

A. In order to maintain high standards, aesthetics and ambience within Vipingo Ridge, all building will be subject to planning restrictions. Construction on plots must be completed within 24 months from completion of the 18 hole golf course which is scheduled to be complete by the end of June 2009. There are a comprehensive set of rules and regulations which govern the building of properties at Vipingo Ridge. The main objective is to safeguard the external aesthetics of the entire development.
Q. Are there any rules governing the use and occupation of the property?

A. In addition to the terms and conditions set out in the lease, you will be required to follow the comprehensive Home/Villa Owners Association Rules which are available on request.
Q. Will one have the right of representation in the running of the affairs of Vipingo Ridge?

A. Owners will automatically become members of the Home/Villa Owners Association which will be entitled to appoint 25% of the members of Vipingo Ridge’s Board.
Q. Will home owners be able to rent out their properties?

A. There will be a strong demand for rental of the properties on a holiday let basis. The excellent weather at the coast, with over 340 sunny days per year, means that the tourist season is longer than most. Rental demand at the coast has always been high with most coastal properties taking bookings for peak season times like Easter and Christmas a year in advance. Vipingo Ridge will offer a management and letting service to owners. Owners are also able to let out their houses/villas themselves if they wish.
Q. When will the Baobab golf course be playable?

A. The Baobab course will be fully planted by the end of May 2009 and all 18 holes of the baobab course are scheduled to be playable by end of June 2009.
Q. When can we start building on our undeveloped property?

A. Once the sales process is complete and the property designs approved, you can start building immediately. The entire infrastructure such as water and electricity supply is in place and access roads are complete.
Q. Why are there building regulations for the undeveloped properties?

A. The exhaustive building regulation document is to ensure that everyone gets the most from this beautiful estate. The rules are designed to ensure that no ones views are obstructed and that the development has a cohesive harmony in style and feel.
Q. What are the terms of purchase?

A. It is all very straightforward and follows international norms. Full details of the sales process are available on request
Q. Are there management charges or green fees?

A. Yes. Full details of both are available on request.
Q. Can we visit Vipingo Ridge now?

Yes. There is a sales and management office on-site who will arrange to take you around the site.
Q. How do we get in touch with you?

A. Apart from email, users can also reach me on telephone at +254 (0)728 999806
End of interview excerpt

This property pick will be listed on shortly and users can check on Vipingo Ridge Ltd's page located here.
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