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Monterrey Tower Planned Under A Loop Of Stars
Published on 19-05-2008 by

The Mexican city of Monterrey could soon have a funky new skyscraper adorning its skyline if proposals put forward by Spanish group Orange Investors and Americans Group CIM are given the green-light.

Working with Enrique Norton of Mexican architectural firm TEN Architects along with another local architect Alberto Vidal and American designer David Rockwell, the team has come up with a rather spiffing skyscraper named Torre Fundadores or Founders Tower for the non Spanish speaking folk out there.

If built the tower will stand at 230 metres and have 54 floors not including underground levels that will house 2000 car parking spaces.

The scheme stands on an elongated podium base which has an almost wave like glass roof that culminates in a curve at the far end of the podium.

White concrete defines the shape of the podium that is colonnaded and semi glazed at its front. The podium directly under the towers stands a little higher than the other part of the podium and features green areas.

From this podium the towers rise upwards in an sweeping fashion on one side and straight upwards on the other side in a boxy kind of way. Here once more, white concrete is used to define shape and makes the tower look like it is a lopsided A shape with a hint of a twist. Thankfully, the architects have displayed amazing self control and resisted the urge to top the towers with any sort of height boosting aerials.

If built the tower will be a multi use complex. The podium will house all the fun stuff such as restaurants, cafes and a retail element while the tower will house 12,000 square metres of grade A office space, 236 luxury apartments.
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