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Montevideo, Rotterdam: TOPPED OUT!!!

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The Montevideo, the new pride of Rotterdam was topped out yesterday.
Pics from Marin, our expert.

The Montevideo is now 151m. So it's the highest tower in Rotterdam
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Nice, it's lookin good. That M is pretty cool.
^it has to do with the names of former packhouses on that pier, besides montevideo there are New Orleans, Havana, Las Palmas and Baltimore.
But i guess someone from rotterdam can explain it much better:)
Well, there is Las Palmas as CborG already mentioned. Another packhouse ('pakhuis' in Dutch) on the Wilhelminapier is the well-known Pakhuismeesteren. The front of this building still has the names Java, Bali, Sumatra and Celebes (currently known as Sulawesi) on it, Indonesia's 4 most important islands. Montevideo is 'just' another one of those exotic destinations my/our ancestors traded with. Anyway, it's a great name for a post-modern building :).
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Yup, this tower is built on the location the port of Rotterdam started to become the worlds biggest port , which it was till last year (for over 40 years), in late 19th century. From here thousands of people boarded for their one way trip to the USA by boat too. Now it is being transformed into a new city center part.

Amazing tower, and the next world class quality tower has just started construction!
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great!! i just wanna see this finished, love it..
and the red apple is a really cool tower as well...
very good for rott...
Does that M revolve or anything? Looks cool!
@ Sy; yes it does revolve!
Great tower! :)
the M on the top of the tower looks really great!
The M is great, what a way to finish off a quality tower. Now they must light up the M at night.
if they light up the M it will look like a fast food place.
not such a quality top for a building like this...
Beautiful! Rotterdam has some impressive scrapers.
looks good a great edition to Rotterdams skyline :)
Look here for more pics of The Red Apple: Its name not only refers to NYC, but also to the fact that ships used to off-load their apples here in the early days. Enough about this and back to Monty. :)

I love Montevideo. However, without the "M" it's only about 140m high. I do not complain, but Rotterdam should go even higher. 200m would fit this city well!
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