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These are the long (loooooooooooong) overdue photos from my spring break trip to Montreal this year.

No order to these photos, just point and click. :D

a poor attempt at a night shot (my new digicam has a 0.5 second maximum exposure time)

obligatory shot for a Habs fan (bring hockey back...)

Just after that last photo, I fell flat on my ass (it probably looked very cartoonish) on a sheet of ice in front of that building with the red flag on its side (I think it's a National Bank) and bruised my tailbone. I couldn't sit comfortably for 2 weeks. :(

I apologize to Montrealers for the next two pictures...

Hope you all enjoyed my point and click through Montreal. I sacrificed a lot of warmth going up the mountain on over to the islands on a cold, windy day for those pictures...but it was all worth it. :D

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Glad you had a good time...Montreal is a great winter city. I like the old quarter in the tourists, and has a sort of dark, brooding, empty feel. Not that it isn't nice in the summer months know what I mean.

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