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Montreal: Quartier Triangle (Côte des neiges)

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Hello everybody,
I know three projects developing right now in this neiborhood, i just wanted to know what do you think about them..

Luz Condos: Building with 117 condominiums, 10 storeys plus 2 floors of underground parking
Ma Condos: Building with eight floors, single-storeys
Rouge Condos: 12-story building, 73 residential condo units

Personally, i think there is a lot of similarities between them, architecturally. But they all have some advantages.. i prefer the look of Luz, especially that they got high, concrete ceilings.
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Te-he, what's up with rouge?
Audrey, do you work for this developer?
I don't work with any of those.. anywho, they all are from different developpers. I'm just really interested in this new quartier. Condos, schools and all, it's litteraly a village te-he!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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