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Monumental Madrid

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Madrid, capital of Spain, has a huge historic center full of big buildings and
beautiful places, some of them are in this pics, hope you enjoy them ;)

Royal Palace & Orient Square

Armería Square, the entrance to the palace.

A view of part of the Orient Square, with the Opera.

The Opera with the statue of Queen Isabel II, of the XIX century.

A beautiful building in Orient Square.

The statue of king Felipe IV in the center of the square, of the XVII century.

The king goes to the Opera.

The Orient Square, with statues of all the kings that has Spain since VII century.

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The Almudena Cathedral, in front of the Palace.

The entrance to the Royal Palace.

Details of Palace.

A last view of this beautiful Square.
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Campo del Moro Park

This is one the parks that surrounded the Palace. It is very old and some of their trees has hundreds of years. Some of them are very tall too.

The entrance of the park, with the Royal Palace.

Fountain of tritons (some kind of mermaids?)

A view of the central avenue.

Lost in the woods.

Who says we are in the center of a metropolis of 6 million inhabitants?

Panoramic woods.

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Sabatini Gardens

Behind the Palace are the Sabatini Gardens, built in the place where the stables of palace were centuries ago.

Center of the old Madrid
This is the oldest part of the city, built in the XVI and XVII century. It has a lot of houses with typical balconary and strong colors.

The townhall, with the statue of Alvaro de Bazán.

The Mayor Square, built in the XVII century as the center of the new capital of a huge empire between Europe and America. In the center, the statue of king Felipe III, constructor of the square.

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Santa Cruz Square & church.

More pics of the old center of the city.

Mayor street.

Puerta del Sol Square, where spaniards do the countdown to the new year every 31dec.
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Canalejas Square

One the most beautiful places of the city, but actually too unknow to tourists.

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Spanish Parlament

Spanish Parlament is very near. It was built in XIX century and the lions of the entrance were made with the metal of enemy cannons in the war of Africa (Morocco).

A window of the nearly Palace Hotel. In this zone are also the Ritz Hotel and Urban, very luxury and expensive hotels.
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Alcalá Street

Actually maybe the most beautiful street of the city.

Buildings of the Santander Bank.

And its competitor, the BBVA Bank, just in front of the other.

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The Carlson-Wangolit building, known as well as Fénix. Now is a modern hotel.

Statue in Vitalicio building.

Madrid Casino.

Alcazar Theatre.
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Metropolis building, one of my favourites.

The building of the Circle of Fine Arts.
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Other building of the Santander group bank. It was the building of the Central Hispanian bank. All of these last buildings were built in the period 1880-1940.

The Bank of Spain. Cibeles and Alcalá Gate are near of here.

Some pics of the old squares near of here. In this zone is Chueca, which is famous to be the gay part of the city, a lot of pubs and discos are in these streets.

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Gran Vía

The most spectacular street of the city. More "New York style" than european, it was built in early decades of the XX century.

Telefonica Headquarters.

Senator Hotel.

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Palacio de la Prensa building.

Other beautiful buildings of the street.

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I just love Madrid :) But I think you're only aware of its actual greatness when you visit and experience the atmosphere... it's unique!
Love Madrid from the bottom of my heart . Although I had been to it three years ago , many places seem to be seen for the first time ! These nice photos remind me of my stay there-I will never forget the scene when I strolled along the Gran Vía Avenue on a sunny afternoon ......and hope I could revisit it someday !
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Madrid is one of the most beautifull cities in the world, and these pictures prove that!
gran recopilacion, como ya dije en el foro español, aunque voy a poner un "pero": las traducciones de nombres propios al ingles rechinan pero muchiiisimo, por ejemplo esa de "Central Hispanian Bank" y otras. es una cosa q se ve mucho en los hilos españoles en los foros internacionales y queda bastante feo (como esas traducciones de "Crystal Tower" y demas xDD). en todo caso, felicidades! :)
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I'm going to save this page to my favourites.

Madrid is stunning, thank you so much for these pics.
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