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Moroccan Ports & Ferries

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The biggest port of Africa

Once the entire complex (Tanger Med I & II) open, it will be in the top 10 world biggest ports in the world, with a capacity of 8.5 millions EVPs.

The «Tangier-Mediterranean» project is a strategic priority for the economic and social development of the North Morocco region.
It is part of the economic policy orienting Morocco towards exports, based on eight clearly identified export sectors, with particular emphasis on the free trade agreement with the European Union to be implemented between 2000 and 2012 ;
Completion of the «Tangier-Mediterranean» project will have important economic effects in terms of jobs, creation of added value and foreign investment.
Its particular position on the Straits of Gibraltar, at the crossing of two major maritime routes, and 15km from the European Union will enable it to serve a market of hundreds of millions of consumers through the industrial and commercial free zones which will be run by well-known private operators.
It will also win part of the strong growth market of container transshipment and become the leading hub for cereal transshipment, a facility which is non-existent in the north-west African region at present.
The project will be implemented, coordinated and managed by TMSA, a private company with public prerogatives, operating under an agreement with the State and interacting with the different ministries involved.
The port complex will have important economic effects in terms of jobs, creation of added value and foreign investment.
In addition to the economic effects of the operation of the port, there will be important effects resulting from its construction, particularly through foreign investments, and others from the operation of the free zones (direct and indirect added value, direct gains, jobs and foreign investment).

In order to link the port with the free zones and the Special Economic Zone with the rest of Morocco and its principal economic centers, the Moroccan State has agreed to construct:

• A 61 km freeway connecting the North freeway (Rabat -Tangier) with the Special Economic Zone;

• A freeway linking the commercial zone to the port;

• A two-lane expressway linking the port to Fnideq (site chosen for the development of a commercial free zone); and

• A 45 km rail link connecting the Special Economic Zone to the national rail network.

All this connection infrastructure will be financed by the Moroccan State and should be operational on the date the port comes into service.
It is also planned to build new roads in the North region in order to open it up and link it to the major centers of the Kingdom:

• Freeway linking Tangier and Asilah (35 km), representing the last section of the Rabat – Tangier freeway;

• Upgrading of the Tangier - Tétouan road to an expressway;

• Expressway linking Tétouan and Fnideq (38 km).

Tanger Med I :

Tanger Med II is under construction (in green on this plan) :

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So big too :)
Comanav Moroccan ferry

Comanav Moroccan maritime company

Comanav Ferries has been operating and developing their ferry service for over 30 years. Comanav Ferries was the first company to create a regular, long duration crossing meeting the requirements of Moroccan residents living abroad when they introduced the Tangier - Sète line in 1975, Nador - Sète in 1987, Tangier - Genoa in 2002, Tangier - Vendres Port and Nador - Naples in 2004.

The Comanav Ferries "Marakech" ferry is equipped onboard with shop, comfortable cabins, swimming pool, two restaurants, bars. This two day mini-cruise provides a tranquil voyage to a very exciting destination.

Comanav Ferries works hard to ensure all its customers are satisfied with the ferry service. For this reason, at every stage the customer is dealt with in a professional and attentive way: at booking time, loading at the port, onboard the Comanav Ferries ship throughout the crossing, and finally at unloading.

Comanav Ferries operates the following routes, with the ferry crossing durations in brackets next to each route:
Sète-Tanger (36 hours)
Sète-Nador (34 hours)
Gênes-Tanger (48 hours)
Algeciras-Tanger (2 hours)
Alméria-Nador (6 hours)
Alméria-Al Hoceima (6 hours)

Comanav Ibn Batouta

Reduan Moroccan Ferry

Tanger Jet II

FerriMaroc Normandy the largest ship in Morocco where is that ship?? en al others
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