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Thank to Mirax group some over 20 SSC forumers were able to visit 56th floor of this under construction tower.

Here is some shots taken by me.

1. Waiting for elevator. East tower.

2. Megacolumn of East tower.

3. Pano. View from West to North.
click to enlarge

4. Pano. View from Southwest to Northwest.
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5. Pano. View from Northwest to East (historical center).
click to enlarge

6. Naberezhnaya Tower. The core of the tallest building in Europe has reached its tip.

7. View on Mirax Plaza. Works on foundation slab of lower tower (167m 42fl).


9. We don't know the final height yet. Possibly 268,4m. The core reached 61 levels. As we know there are going to be two more steel levels above of the core. Anyway, it's already tallest in Europe.

10. View towards of southwest. Lower tower of House on Mosfil'movskaya complex is in front. Taller tower is going to be 203 meters tall. Few its floors are visible just at the side of photo.

11. View towards south and towards the ground (IBC).

12. City of Capitals. (~286m 73f, ~242m 62f - estimate heights based on bad quality picture of section)

13. Naberezhnaya Tower C yet again.

14. The Terminal plot (11). (39, 29 and 17 storeys tall towers)

15. Imperia Tower plot on left. The core is visible there. (60f). City of Capitals. Naberezhnaya Tower. And Four Season mall with a half million sq m IBC Core.

16. Some hole in the floor. For communication purposes i think. Heating system is visible on 55 floor.

17. View towards of historical center.

18. Zoom.

19. More zoom.

20. View towards North. House on Begovaya complex under construction behind of cemetery. (2x 41f, 3x 36f two sectional, 1x 40f+)

21. View towards West.

22. East FederationTower.

23. City Hall and Mercury pit. (4x 308m 71f and 1x 380m 70f)

24. Mercury City Tower. (380m 70f)

25. City Hall and City Duma. (4x 308m 71f)

26. Back to first floor. Round megacolumn of East FederationTower.

27. East tower.

28. FederationTower podium.

More shots from that day.

29. Northern Tower.

30. Mirax Group ads.

31. No comments.

32. Construction of underground pedestrian way.

33. East FederationTower.

34. IBC from Tower 2000 entrance.

35. Naberezhnaya Tower.

36. FederationTower and City of Capitals: Moscow.

37. View from Tarasa Shevchenko embankment.

38. East FederationTower.

39. Naberezhnaya Tower C.

40. Pano from Tarasa Shevchenko embankment.
click to enlarge

41. House on Begovaya complex.

42. City of Capitals: Saint Petersburg.


44. Naberezhnaya Tower complex.


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It seems that many cities have construction boom right now - Dubai , Calgary , Beirut ,Tel Aviv , Shanghai , Beijing and throughout China ...

Penang Skyscrapers Hunter
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:eek: awesome pics!! and of course awesome construction!! thanks, coth!!

i think Moscow is constructing the most beautiful bunch of buildings at this moment. can't wait to see its new skyline

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Wonderful, Moscow is beginning to catch up and is poised to become a hub of economic activity very soon.

The new buildings going up are very unique and my favorite one is now the Federation tower

The amount of projects for Moscow at this time is outstanding!
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