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-> MOSCOW of 1960's

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1. Beauty square (commonly known as Red square).

2. Manezh square.

3. One more picture from Manezh square with old City Hall and State History museum.

4. Also taken from Manezh square. Looking towards of Manezh and Lomonosov university.

5. Mayakovsky square.

6. Pushkin square.

7. Kutusov avenue.

8. Kutuzov avenue. Museum-panorama Battle of Borodino.

9. An open pool Moskva.

10. House of Friendship.

11. USSR State Library of V. I. Lenin.

12. Marks avenue with a monument to Karl Marks.

13. Sverdlov square with Bolshoi Theater.

14. Central Park of Culture and Rest of M. Gorky.

15. Andrey Rublev museum (former Andronnikov monastery).

16. Planetarium.

17. Chkalova street.

18. Komsomol square.

19. Worker and Kolkhoz Woman monument.

20. Space exploration monument.

21. Dzerzhinsky square.

22. Moscow City Palace of pioneers and school pupils.

23. Patrice Lumumba Peoples' Friendship University hostel.

24. South-east of Moscow.

25. Lomonosov avenue.

26. Lenin avenue. Heroes of cosmos parade.

27. Lenin avenue.

28. In Borodino.

29. Kolomenskoye.

30. Ring motorway.

31. Domodedovo airport.
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One can instantly notice moderate traffic and lack of adds which
is a big plus point if you compare it to today's Moscow.
Interesting posting of this gorgeous supercity.
very nice pictures! moscow was amazing city even than
very nice and idealistic. A bit to calm-looking for such an enormous city.
Very interesting pics. This is what communist-party members where looking at in western Europe in the 60's. Not realising that it was propaganda.
The good ol' days...looks nice (except the commie blocks) and clean...
any moscow on snow pictures?
i heard russia winter is bitter cold.
its really unique
Those pictures are amazing, Moscow is a city that intrigues me but i still need to visit. Does much of Moscow still look like that i.e are many of the older buildings still there? Did they survive the wrath of the 60's and 70's? It would be nice to see some of those places now as a contrast.
so these pics are propaganda ???
please to withstand of bullshit comments.

any moscow on snow pictures?
i heard russia winter is bitter cold.
its really unique
Russia covers several thousands kilometers from north to south. From polar tundra to subtropics.
The streets are really quiet with pedestians mainly. For a city the size of Moscow there aren't many people around.
The city squares look really impressive. Nice pictures.
Awesome pics!
workers of the world unite!

great pics though.
Thanks for the lovely photos, i enjoyed them!!
Ah...good old 60s . Moscow looks awesome on the pictures , except for the "khrushovkas" on some photos ( low-cost apartment buldings introduced during Khrushchev) , good thing they keep tearing them down .
What shocks me most about these pics is how few cars there were, especially with the ring moterway (MKAD). :)
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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