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Plot 16

Moscow, Russia

Plot 16 is a mixed-use development covering 2.5 hectares of the recently created Moscow City zone, a booming area for business and affluent living in the city of Moscow. The project comprises nearly half a million square meters of new development including exclusive residences, premium office space, a hotel, and structured parking. The buildings are linked at street level by landscaped pedestrian paths and plazas, shops, bars, restaurants, and other amenities.

Project Facts

Completion Year: TBD
Site Area: 2.52 hectares
Project Area: 430,000 m2
Building Height: 336 m
Number of Stories: 87



few Renders:


- IBC Thread

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I think it would be good for Moscow. Im happy to see a supertall without any redundant spire feature. Good interior render, and i like the smaller part with a white facade, I think id like the whole building cladded like that. A massive and superhigh skyline seems in store for that great city.

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^^ Lol :lol:
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